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1964 days ago 5 comments Category: Park Huts
I led an operation to test the Cypress Resort's defense perimeter around the Howe Sound Crest backcountry access corridor (BAC). Our group of 7 and another group of 4 also known to us arrived at the designated overnight parking at the north end of lot 3B about 6:45 AM. We gained Cypress Bowl Road from Chippendale Road (reached from the 21ST Street entrance off Hi...
2027 days ago 0 comments Category: Park Huts
After discussion with a senior person involved in the matter of the closure of the Backcountry Access Corridor (BAC) through the Cypress Mountain controlled recreation area (CRA) I am able to suggest an interim access alternative. For further information on the closure see https://bcmc.ca/blogs/entry/Cypress-Provincial-Park-backcountry-access-closure-10-PM-to-9-A...
2031 days ago 1 comments Category: Park Huts
In January 2016, Cypress Mountain ski area unilaterally implemented a policy preventing public access between 10 PM and 9 AM to the Backcountry Access Corridor leading to Howe Sound Crest, Black Mountain and Bowen Lookout Trails in Cypress Provincial Park. The BCMC board researched the issue in conjunction with the FMCBC Recreation and Conservation committee. Wha...
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