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22.11.2015 0 comments 434 views Category: Backcountry Skiing 
A lovely day in the mountains
27.09.2015 0 comments 534 views Category: Mountaineering 
A one week work camp extending the Sigurd Trail from Moraine Camp to Ossa Camp.
24.08.2015 0 comments 759 views Category: Scrambling 
Two day hike to Slalok at Joffre
09.02.2015 0 comments 4558 views Category: Mountaineering 
A visit to Sigurd Lake by traversing Sigurd Peak and exiting out Sigurd Creek Trail.
11.10.2014 2 comments 864 views Category: Hiking 
Executive summary on what was accomplished using the funds provided by the club for the work party.
10.01.2014 1 comments 1004 views Category: Backcountry Skiing 
Ski touring the Stein Divide.
30.05.2013 0 comments 1145 views Category: Scrambling 
2013.05.05 Klaus Haring, Zoran Vasic
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