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North Creek

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Access info (updated June 2021): Access is from North Creek East Main. There may be active logging, use caution. The road has been graded for the first 3 km. From there to the landing where there is parking, the road has been brushed out. The road is accessible with any AWD vehicle but a challenge for 2WD.  There are two small washouts but high clearance is not needed. The trail from the parking area to the end of the old road is brushed out and in good shape.  The trail from the end of the road to the bottom of the old clear cut is well marked and brushed although steep. There are plans for annual clearing of the herbaceous growth in the slide paths each July.  It takes roughly three to four hours to hike to the cabin. The Lillooet FSR may be closed at times in the summer due to the increased threat of a landslide off of Mt. Meager during times of high heat or precipitation.  Check for road conditions at:   https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/industry/natural-resource-use/resource-roads/local-road-safety-information/sea-to-sky-natural-resource-district-road-safety-information/road-conditions-in-sea-to-sky-district

Peaks accessible from the hut: Sugas, Delilah, Sessel, Spillman and Pebble.  A rough trail leads up towards Mt. Sugas along the North bank of the creek.  Just follow the path from the bottom of the helicopter clearing to Sugas creek (15 min) and then head up the creeks outwash on the right bank.  There is another path that leads towards the boomerang glacier and the valley West of Sessel.  From the cable car on the East bank of North Creek, follow the marked route up to the prominent moraine and look for the trail dropping off the moraine on the East side.  The trail drops down through the slide alder and up the toe of a prominent avalanche path that leads into a band of old-growth forest.  The flagged path climbs steeply up through the forest past a waterfall in North Creek and then follows the creek to an obvious terminal moraine coming in from the left.  Follow the moraine up towards the creek draining the valley West of Sessel.  A short section of roughed-in trail gets you through the last bit of brush and up into the alpine.  From there it is a pleasant walk through the meadows to a lake lying at the bottom of the North face of Sessel, or you can head up to Mt. Spillman over easy terrain, or over the pass to the Pebble glacier to check out the ice caves.  If you want to head up to the Boomerang Gl towards Sessel, Sampson or Delilah, you will need to ford the creek flowing in from the left where the obvious terminal moraine is.  Cross the creek here and head up through open terrain to the glacier. 

Facilities:  The cabin is outfitted with solar-powered lights and a USB charging port.  Please turn off lights when not in use and make sure they are off when you leave the cabin.  If you leave the lights on the system may shut down for a few days until it recovers.  This also damages the batteries.  The cabin has foam mats for eight and group cooking gear for ten including, pots, frying pans, cups, plates, and utensils as well as a filter cone for making coffee (bring a number 6 filter)   There is a two-burner, countertop, propane stove that takes the green, one-pound, propane cylinders that are widely available.  All you need to bring is a propane fuel cylinder.  There is also a spare liquid fuel Coleman stove and fuel for emergency purposes.  Please take out any empty fuel cylinders.  

Notes and Restrictions

  1. Maximum 10 persons per group. Penalty for exceeding the posted capacity.
  2. Pets/dogs are not permitted in any BCMC Cabin.
  3. BCMC Custodians may be staying at the North Creek Cabin at any time.  Be prepared to present your booking confirmation to BCMC Custodians.
  4. Refund policy (concise version): No refunds less than 7 days prior to the reservation. No refunds for avalanche warnings, weather warnings or road conditions. No refunds if unable to reach the hut.

North Creek Hut

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