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Book the Plummer Hut - Automated Booking System

Member discount: BCMC Members Click Here to obtain a promo code for the Automated System to be used a the time of checkout. You only have the opportunity to use this at the time of checkout.

Attention/Warning: A one-night reservation will show the same date for First Night and Last Night. The system defaults to two nights. This is the most common problem people have when booking. Before paying, verify the charges. If it looks too high, empty the cart and start over.

Daily web cam image: Plummer Web Cam

Plummer Hut

Zaui Software - Tour Operator Software & Online Tour Management and  Reservation Software

Plummer Hut - Daily Web Camera

Information Courtesy of Coastal Hydrology and Climate Change Research Lab

Location: 51.37369, -125.16430

Elevation: 2680m (8793 ft)


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