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Equipment Rental Fees (members only)
The club maintains a satellite phone and has two sets of ice climbing tools that are available for rental by members only.  There are also two personal locator beacons available for course/trip organizers and a wide range of trail building tools that BCMC members may borrow.
Black Diamond Viper ice climbing tool Iridium 9500 Satellite Phone ACR ResQLink Personal Locator Beacon FMCBC trail building tools
Ice Tools (4) - $5 per day per tool
For more information about renting the BCMC's four Black Diamond Viper ice climbing axes, contact Equipment Rentals.


**Subscription Cancelled as of December 2015 until further notice**

Personal Locator Beacons (2) are available to all club course and trip organizers. To reserve one, contact Equipment Rentals by email. The BCMC has a cache of trail clearing and building tools for members to use. They are centrally located 3 blocks from St David's church. Please call Blair Mitten at 604 922 0470 well ahead of time.
Fees are non-refundable and payable in advance. A refundable deposit may be required; contact the equipment custodian for details.

Priority Sequence

Whenever demand for the club’s equipment exceeds the supply, equipment shall be allocated for rental according to the following sequence, for cases where a 3 week advance notice (from start date) is received:
  • First Priority: Club Programs
  • Second Priority: Club Camps
  • Third Priority: Club trips listed on the club’s schedule
  • Fourth Priority: Private trips
In addition, earlier requests trump later requests, longer rentals trump shorter rentals. Club programs trump everything else unless the equipment custodian can mediate in cases where the club would profit from an extended rental period.
Since a satellite phone is still the best tool for communication in remote areas, but there are now other devices (Spot etc.) available for requesting emergency assistance, priority is given to trips that (1) absolutely need phone communication to arrange or confirm a return pick-up, (2) where a participant must be in contact with the outside-world for business or private reasons or else couldn't join the trip, (3) in the case of an emergency, and (4) for weather briefings.
Any conflicting rental requests are to be resolved at least 3 weeks (21 days) prior to the rental start date and a rental is deemed to be confirmed on that date The equipment is available on a first-come first-served basis for requests with less than 3 weeks advance notice, provided that the equipment custodian is available to consider the request.

Damaged or Lost Equipment

In case the equipment is returned damaged, the renter will be responsible for repair costs. If the equipment is lost or damaged beyond repair, the renter will be responsible for reimbursing the club the current replacement cost of the phone but not exceeding the original purchasing price. The equipment custodian may exercise judgement in cases where the equipment failed due to natural wear and tear.
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