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Book the Spearhead Huts - Automated Booking System

The BCMC is an active founding member of the Spearhead Huts Society. This entitles BCMC Members of good standing (paid membership dues) to a 30 day advanced booking privilege over the general public, and a discounted booking rate of *Update December 24th 2021* 40.00 per night (50.00 per night for non-members).

Your BCMC membership number is required at the time of booking, and can be obtained by clicking "My Account" in the upper right of the BCMC Website, then "Print Membership Card" in the upper left. Valid Membership status is cross-referenced by the Spearhead Huts Society and the penalty for falsely claiming the discount and advanced booking privilege without a valid BCMC Membership is a year's ban from booking the Spearhead Huts (SHS Policy).

Click Here To Book the Kees and Claire Hut

For information about the Kees and Claire Hut amenities, location and information click here

For more information about the Kees and Claire Hut email reservations@spearheadhuts.org

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