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About Us

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BCMC is one of the oldest outdoor clubs in British Columbia with over 100 years of tradition. Since its establishment in 1907, our members have blazed new routes, made first ascents and explored near and far corners of the Coast Mountains and beyond.

In September 2019 the BCMC reached a milestone of 1,300+ active member accounts. Our members are active in hiking, backpacking, climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking and backcountry skiing. Our trip schedule offers a variety of activities throughout the year from easy hikes to technical climbs.

Looking for climbing partners? Branching into mountaineering? Join one of our trips or visit us at our monthly social at ANZA Club, 3 West 8th Ave every second Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm (except for July & August).

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The British Columbia Mountaineering Club is dedicated to the enjoyment and exploration of the mountains, valleys and alpine regions of British Columbia through activities such as climbing, hiking, backpacking and ski touring. In addition to direct involvement in the outdoors through its trips and camps, the Club is active in conservation, trail and hut construction, trail maintenance, mountain safety and education.

Donate to the Club's Conservation and Trail Maintenance Fund

The BCMC Maintains a significant number of critically important backcountry hiking trails including the New Watersprite Lake Trail and the Sigurd Creek Trail. Donations below will support these and other worthy BCMC trail projects.


The BCMC has an online merchandise store. Check it out here! Sample items are available to view at the Club Socials.  


The B.C. Mountaineer Journal

The B.C. Mountaineer bookThe British Columbia Mountaineering Club [BCMC] members have done much of the early exploration of the mountains near Vancouver. We're proud to say that most of the mountains in the lower mainland of B.C. were first climbed by BCMC members.

Every two years (except 2008*) the BCMC publishes The B.C. Mountaineer, a biennial journal containing well-illustrated reports of interesting and exotic trips club members have recently been on, as well as articles about the natural history of B.C.’s mountains. The most recent edition was published in 2012 and we have several copies available. Members may purchase a copy of The BC Mountaineer at a Club Social or request it be delivered by Canada Post. The price for members is $10 each... a fee collected to cover a small portion of the printing costs. For members preferring access to an online copy, please log in and visit this page to read recent editions.

In 2009 a Centennial edition of The B.C. Mountaineer was published to celebrate the club's 100 year anniversary (1907-2007). This issue contains many articles, some previously unpublished, written by club members over the 100 year period. Descriptions of the first ascents and early exploration of B.C.’s mountains abound and provide a fascinating picture of the evolution of mountaineering in B.C.’s Coast Mountains in particular. We still have a few copies of the Centennial edition if members are interested.


The BCMC also welcomes donations that will expand our operating budget so we can do such things as provide additional Instructional Courses for our members.

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