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Welcome to the British Columbia Mountaineering Club
Welcome to the B.C. Mountaineering Club

The BCMC is a group of like-minded individuals who participate in outdoor activities. The club was established in 1907 and in September 2019 reached a new milestone of 1,300+ active member accounts. The club organizes mountaineering, rock climbing and back country skiing trips throughout the year. The BCMC holds monthly socials, offers courses to members and represents the interests of mountaineers and back country skiers in British Columbia.

BCMC Social Event



BCMC SOCIAL EVENT - December 12th, 2023 [IN-PERSON]


" Mont Blanc solo hike "



Presenter: Alex Hudson

⏰ Save the date! Prepare to be captivated by the incredible odyssey of Alex. From the terrains of Iran to the awe-inspiring heights of Mt. Blanc in France, Alex's narrative is a compelling journey through a life dedicated to conquering mountains.


Born in Iran, Alex spent most of his life hiking and exploring the Alborz and Zagros ranges, he conquered challenging summits, including the towering Damavand at 5671 meters, the pinnacle of Iran's majestic peaks. But his quest didn't stop there; Alex trekked across Canada, hiking many peaks from the Rockies to Mount Rainier, Pico de Orizaba and beyond.

 On July 12, 2021, Alex achieved a solo summit of the iconic Mt. Blanc, a feat that unveils his unwavering passion for mountaineering. Yet, what truly sets Alex apart is not just his conquests but his benevolent spirit and nurturing demeanor. A mentor to many Iranian hikers, his kindness and dedication to their success echo louder than the mountain peaks he has conquered.

In every step, Alex's passion for nature and mountains radiates, whether it's a serene day hike or a challenging overnight adventure. Join us as we delve into the heart of this extraordinary individual whose love for the mountains is not only a personal conquest but a beacon that inspires everyone fortunate enough to share in his journey.


 See you there!


Location: The Anza Club, #3, West 8th Ave., Vancouver | 19+ | Doors Open: 7:00 PM, Event Starts: 7.30 PM


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