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Trip Participant Info

Pre-trip Planning

  • Look at road maps, guidebook notes, topographic area maps.  Ask others about the trip if you can.  Check weather and Avalanche forecasts.
  • Double check that you have suitable equipment (Page 41, from Freedom of the Hills Vol.: 6 has a checklist).
  • Assemble a suitable First Aid kit that is freshly stocked to your level of expertise.
  • Know the departure time from the meeting place -- as opposed to the meeting time.
  • Ask if a backup plan is in place if the weather conditions aren't suitable for the primary objective.
  • Talk to the trip organizer about the expected time of return and the name and phone number of the emergency contact to call if the group is delayed returning.  Choose a responsible person as your contact person and tell them where your are going, when you'll be back, and who to contact if you don't return at the planned time.

Phoning the trip organizer.

  • Phone no later than the Wednesday prior to the excursion as trips often have a maximum number of people that may join.  Call much earlier if it looks like a popular trip or you really want to join it.
  • Ensure you have the suitable skill, fitness and equipment for the trip -- the organizer will answer your questions.
  • Tell the organizer if you are taking medication or have a condition they should be aware of.
  • Tell the organizer your transportation needs or contribution, such as tent or stove.

At the meeting place.

  • Non-members must fill out a waiver.  Everyone must add the required information to the Trip Participants Form.  Bring a pen.
  • Expect a short overview of the trip, it's objectives and safety requirements.  You will be asked to travel as a group, because if you run ahead, you risk being separated and this risks the group as a whole.
  • The shared rides will be arranged.
  • Expect regrouping places on the way.
  • Be prompt!
  • Ensure everyone is taken care of regarding tents and stoves.

At the trailhead.

  • Don't leave ahead of the group and make sure the 'goal' is agreed on, perhaps 'the summit' is not a priority!
  • Orient yourself with map or guide book.
  • Ensure nothing is forgotten.
  • Be aware of safety and environmental considerations -- ask the organizer to discuss them

Suggestions for the trip

  • Moderate your pace, especially early in the day when you are fresh, remember, it might be a long day!
  • Passengers are expected to contribute a reasonable amount towards vehicle operation at the end of the trip.  Drivers are expected to tell passengers roughly what payment they should expect for vehicle expenses before the trip
  • If you have any problems, tell the organizer.
  • Hike with the group and work with the team.
  • Respect the wildlife and other users.
  • Pack out your litter and food scraps.  Leave the area cleaner than when you arrived.
  • Do not wash your pots in a natural water source, use 50 Metres from your camp site or trail as a minimum for personal washing or gray water from washing pots.  Don't spit toothpaste into water sources either.
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