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Club Volunteers

The B.C. Mountaineering Club is maintained and improved by the generous and very much appreciated volunteer help provided by many of our members... both new and older member. The amount of time ranges anywhere from a couple of hours each week (on average) to a only few hours per month... at all helps toward maintaining and improving our club. Please consider giving back to the outdoor community by donating some of your free time to helping our club improve and grow in areas that interest you. Please contact us and to let us know which volunteer area would interest you, such as helping with trail work or editing our monthly newsletters... thank you!

This year's BCMC Board of Directors:
Our club's Board of Directors (also known as the Executive Committee) consists of up to 17 volunteer members... with the current members listed below. The Board meets on the first Tuesday of each month, excluding July and August, to oversee day-to-day operations, report business changes, deal with membership issues, provide updates on current projects, and discuss future objectives. If you're interested in learning what our Directors have discussed in the past, you can download the "minutes" (notes) of previous meetings from our Club Business page. Please note, if you're interested in attending a Board meeting, please do... they're open for club members to attend (as an observer). Once you're sure you'll attend, please email any of the Directors, or all of them at exec@bcmc.ca, so at least one of them knows what you're interesting in learning more about, thank you.


Photo: Glenn Woodsworth
Glenn Woodsworth
BCMC President

Chris Ludwig
Past BCMC President
Spearhead Huts,
Website Admin,

Susanne Postill
Terry Wong
BCMC Vice-President
(Co-Chair 1 & 2)

Photo: Bill Maurer
Bill Maurer
BCMC Treasurer
Website Admin, 

Philip Gibbs
BCMC Secretary

Kathleen Cheng
Club Socials 

Hanna Bystrom
Marketing and Social Media

David Scanlon
At Large, Watersprite,
Smoke Bluffs, BCMF

Photo: Oudina Cherfi
Oudina Cherfi 
Club Courses
(Co-Chair 1)

Photo: Wayne Pattern
Wayne Pattern
Trips (Co-Chair 1)

Marie Amante

Trips (Co-Chair 2)

Photo: Winifred Swatschek
Winifred Swatschek
At Large

Shashi Shanbhag

Brian Sheffield
Cabins and Trails

Photo: Paul Kubik
Paul Kubik

Greg Hamilton

Tom Zadorsky

BCMC members are invited to contact any member of the Board of Directors for matters relating to the club.

Click Here for a list of club Email Contacts.

Assistants for Executive Committee

Photo: Radmila Bridges
Radmila Bridges
Club Trips Assistant
Monitoring new Trips

Anders Ourom

Brittany Zenger

Photo: Waldemar Jonsson 
Waldemar Jonsson 

Library Custodian 

Photo: Michael Feller 
Michael Feller 
Club Archivist

Photo: Dave Woodsworth
Dave Woodsworth

Bryant Lim
Club Discounts

Kelly Felgenhauer

Club Discounts

Anne Blossom
Cabin Software
Booking Agent

Katarina Petrovic
Social Media &

Photo: Rakesh Malik

Rakesh Malik


Melissa Murray
Socials, VIMFF, Rec Sites, Merch

Photo: Paul OlynekPaul Olynek
Website Admin

Sacred Presidential Goblet

Photo: Martin and Esther Kafer
Martin and Esther Kafer
Honourary Presidents
A special "thank you" goes out to all of our members who, behind the scenes, volunteer their time to help make things run smoothly, and to the many others who volunteer at events or on various club committees, as well the members involved in organizing, and sharing their knowledge in, the various club courses, trips and camps. The BCMC could not operate without all these excellent club volunteers.
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