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Conservation Committee

This small but dedicated group reviews matters relating to mountain access and wilderness conservation, and prepares letters and/or detailed submissions to Government stating our position.  In order to become familiar with complex issues, members generally read reports and attend meetings with government and/or other public outdoor recreation groups.

Some members of our committee attend the meetings of the Recreation and Conservation Committee (Rec & Con) of the Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC (FMCBC).  Guest speakers at these meetings may include representatives from BC Assets and Lands Corporation (BCAL), BC Parks, BC Forest Service, BC Environment Assessment Office, and so on.  We can receive helpful advice from these people for making our views known to Government, which assists our committee members in improving their lobbying.  The BCMC frequently has the largest number of members attending the Rec & Con meetings, so the interests of the BCMC are well represented at these meetings and in submissions made by the FMCBC to the various government agencies.

The FMCBC is recognized as the primary contact by the various government agencies for issues relating to non-commercial, non-motorized back-country recreation and the mountaineering community.  Therefore, requests for public input on land planning issues, new legislation, Crown land tenure applications, etc. are received by them.

The BCMC Conservation Committee either makes submissions under the "umbrella" of the FMCBC or as the BCMC itself, depending on the nature and source of the request for submissions, and our ability to poll members.

Outdoor Ethics

In order to preserve the alpine environment, the club suggests that backcountry users observe these basic wilderness ethics:

1. Pack out all garbage

2. Where pit toilets are not provided, select a screened spot at least 50 metres from any water and dig a hole 15 to 20 centimetres deep.  Cover the hole with soil and ground and cover.  Keep water sources free from contamination.

3. Alpine life, whether flora or fauna, is fragile and not in abundance.  Do not kill plants or animals unless in an emergency.

4. Stay on trails and do not cut corners on switchbacks to avoid erosion.

5. Light small campfires.  Use dead wood only and remove traces of the fire site.  Ensure that fires are properly extinguished.  Do not light fires in alpine areas or in areas designated as nature conservancy.

6. Camp in forests or moraines to avoid damage to meadows, lakes shores and stream banks.

Conservation & Parks Topics
149 days ago 7 comments Category: Park Huts
The provincial government's proposed changes to the BC Land Act continues to generate a great deal of public interest, opinion, and dialog.    This is a topic that should be of interest to all British Columbians.     You can read more about the engagement here as well as letting the government know your opinion on this matter: https://engage.gov.bc.ca/govtogeth...
2276 days ago 0 comments Category: Park Huts
The BCMC took over ownership and the management of Backcountry BC in January of 2018.  All Advocacy, Recreation and Conservation issues are hosted, discussed and handled on the new and active website. www.backcountrybc.ca Backcountry BC was built and is operated by the BCMC Web Team. ...
2362 days ago 0 comments Category: Park Huts
From Backcountry BC on Pinecone Burke: - by Chris Ludwig (posted also on Backcountry BC) "The planning process for Pinecone Burke Provincial Park is currently underway.  This planning process is to create the park's first Masterplan that will determine what is allowed and what is not allowed in the park for decades to come.  This is accomplished through zoning. ...
2437 days ago 0 comments Category: Park Huts

The Cypress BAC can now be accessed as early as 7AM. I've put together an information packet here.

2502 days ago 0 comments Category: Park Huts
Our new advocacy website is open for business. This is a comprehensive platform for grassroots backcountry access advocacy containing detailed information on trails, issues, maps, and government documents. It is open for registration to anyone wishing to contribute. https://backcountrybc.ca We are beginning a soft launch now and will fine tune based on feedback...
2538 days ago 0 comments Category: Park Huts

Youtube video of Barry Janyk's Executive Director Presentation given on May 27, 2017 in Penticton, BC.

2549 days ago 13 comments Category: Park Huts
The BCMC has been a long standing/founding member of the Federation of Mountain Clubs and BCMC members form a large portion of FMC committees.  However, many of us now have concerns regarding our continued membership in the FMC.  A great deal has transpired in the background, and I believe it is time to involve and inform the broader membership. This journey beg...
2595 days ago 0 comments Category: Park Huts
Looking for some donations of equipment and materials for Mountain Lake hut refurbishment project. (1) Wood stove suitable for small hut. (2) 2x4 up to 14' lengths (3) 3/4" plywood sheets for end wall replacement (4) door and windows. (5) cord or two of firewood. (6) cordless drill and battery packs. Contact bcmc.cabinstrails@gmail.com...
2618 days ago 0 comments Category: Park Huts
Four BCMC Representatives (Wilson Edgar, David Scanlon, Paul Kubik and Chris Ludwig) today met with BC Parks planners to discuss the club's vision for the new Pinecone Burke Park Master Plan currently under planning and development.  The club has proposed a new network of trails and cabin sites for the northern section of the park.  The BCMC's plan was well recei...
2638 days ago 2 comments Category: Park Huts
Due to my heavy load as club Webmaster and our current lack of a print newsletter, I have been thin on writing about club conservation and advocacy issues (my dual role in the club as its co-FMCBC Director with Brian Wood).  Starting with this report, I intent to make a regular habit of it as time permits.   The BCMC's primary function to its membership is to en...
2696 days ago 1 comments Category: Park Huts
The following is from Jordan Sturdy, MLA for the Sea to Sky region. It resulted from the meetings held in Squamish and Pemberton earlier this year. Paul Kubik represented the BCMC at the Squamish meeting. As you can see, the meeting notes as Mr. Sturdy calls them read like a rehash of previous government news releases. There is an attached PDF containing notes th...
2710 days ago 5 comments Category: Park Huts
I led an operation to test the Cypress Resort's defense perimeter around the Howe Sound Crest backcountry access corridor (BAC). Our group of 7 and another group of 4 also known to us arrived at the designated overnight parking at the north end of lot 3B about 6:45 AM. We gained Cypress Bowl Road from Chippendale Road (reached from the 21ST Street entrance off Hi...
2773 days ago 0 comments Category: Park Huts
After discussion with a senior person involved in the matter of the closure of the Backcountry Access Corridor (BAC) through the Cypress Mountain controlled recreation area (CRA) I am able to suggest an interim access alternative. For further information on the closure see https://bcmc.ca/blogs/entry/Cypress-Provincial-Park-backcountry-access-closure-10-PM-to-9-A...
2777 days ago 1 comments Category: Park Huts
In January 2016, Cypress Mountain ski area unilaterally implemented a policy preventing public access between 10 PM and 9 AM to the Backcountry Access Corridor leading to Howe Sound Crest, Black Mountain and Bowen Lookout Trails in Cypress Provincial Park. The BCMC board researched the issue in conjunction with the FMCBC Recreation and Conservation committee. Wha...
3354 days ago 1 comments Category: Park Huts
This project has been in the works for sometime and I think most were hoping that it would just go away but it has not. The resort will be located on Brohm Ridge just north of Squamish and will eventually have a daily capacity of 19,000 skiers and boarders with an "impressive" vertical rise of 1000 meters. Although a significant portion of visitors are expected ...
3838 days ago 1 comments Category: Park Huts
BC government finally attempts to do something about snowmobilers ignoring snowmobiling ban in the 21 Mile Creek watershed (Rainbow Mtn.) area Article By Michael Feller After years of agitating by the FMCBC Recreation and Conservation Committee and bringing to the government’s attention of the massive ignoring of the rules by snowmobilers through the documentat...
3860 days ago 0 comments Category: Park Huts
FMCBC (SW) Recreation and Conservation Committee December 2013   The committee has been working with the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations to keep sledders out of the non-motorized areas of 21 Mile Creek/Mount Sproatt/Rainbow Lake. Recently, the Ministry appointed Canadian Snowmobile Adventures to collect a $20 per snowmobile fee to use t...
3943 days ago 2 comments Category: Park Huts
Comment by Michael Feller BC Parks began developing a revised master plan for the Spearhead Range some time ago, and solicited public input last year. However, release of the proposed plan has been held up for almost 6 months even though it was apparently written in March of this year. No reason has been given for the delay, but it is rumoured that the new plan ...
4103 days ago 0 comments Category: Park Huts
Comment by Michael Feller The Outdoor Recreation Council of BC (ORC), supported by the FMCBC, has devoted considerable time to trying to get the BC government to implement responsible management of snowmobiles and ATVs and other off road vehicles on crown land in the province. In keeping with the government’s lack of interest in outdoor recreation management in ...
4103 days ago 0 comments Category: Park Huts
The Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC is using a Mountain Equipment Co-op grant to fund a study of participation in outdoor recreation, in BC, outside of urban areas during the year 2012. This research aims to determine participation rates for non-motorized outdoor recreation activities and is being conducted by the Tourism and Recreation Research Group of the S...
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