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Watersprite Lake

Book the Watersprite Lake Hut - Automated Booking System

All Bookings up to 60 Days in Advance Only

Bookings 90 days in advance temporarily suspended due to software issues

Hut price increases to 300 /night on July 1st

Emergency booking only: Click Here

If the hut is occupied you can still get into the hut for emergency access. You must pay the emergency rate online after which the system will email the door access code to the email address you provide. Check your inbox. In a serious emergency we will consider a refund. Being cold, wet and ill-prepared is not considered an emergency.

Additional information: For Maps and Downloadable GPX Tracks on how to reach and access the Watersprite Lake Cabin: Click Here For information on Cellular Coverage at the Watersprite Lake Cabin: Click Here.  The winter route from the "Candy Cane" parking lot along the old logging road has been brushed out and there is a safe place to cross Watersprite Creek after crossing the swamp.  Stay on the right side of the swamp.  In years when the snow lingers into late June and the trail is not melted out, you may wish to bring microspikes or an ice ax for the last steep stretch to the cabin.

Facilities:  The cabin is outfitted with solar-powered lights but not a USB charging port.  The lights are controlled by a windup timer located at the back left side of the cabin when you come in.  You can wind it up for 120 minutes and then it will shut off automatically.  The lights won't work until the timer is wound up.  Please turn off lights when not in use and make sure they are off when you leave the cabin.  If you leave the lights on the system may shut down for a few days until it recovers.  There is not that much light hitting the solar panels in the winter, especially from November to January.  Overly discharging the batteries will damage them.  The cabin has group cooking gear for ten including, pots, frying pans, cups, plates, and utensils as well as a filter cone for making coffee (bring a number 6 filter)   There is a two-burner, countertop, propane stove that takes the green, one-pound, propane cylinders that are widely available.  All you need to bring is a propane fuel cylinder.  There is also a spare stove for backup.  Please take out any empty fuel cylinders.  There are sleeping mats, but they are quite stiff.  Best to bring your own. 

There are two clean 20L pails for getting fresh water from the lake or creek or clean snow for melting water in the winter.  There is also an older style avalanche shovel which is used for digging clean snow for water.  Please don't use it as a dust pan.  You can also get water from the lake, even in the middle of winter, by digging down 30 cm or so.  Most lakes have layers of ice and water that can be reached without too much difficulty.  Water from the lake should be boiled or treated. 

The wood stove is air-tight.  There is an adjustable vent below the glass door.  Slide the handle on the vent to the left for starting the stove to let more air in.  Leave the door slightly ajar until the larger pieces of wood are burning well.  Then close the door and cut back on the air supply by moving the vent lever to the right.   Once the stove has been going for a while and the cabin has warmed up you can greatly reduce your wood consumption by reducing the air flowing into the stove and slowing the rate of burn.   

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