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BCMC Membership
BCMC Members List: Online list of BCMC members. - only visible to current BCMC members.
BCMC Memberships List: Number of BCMC memberships. - only visible to current BCMC members.
For New Members: How to become a club member - purchase your first 12-months membership
For Existing Members: How to renew your membership - continue enjoying the BCMC
Membership Rates: BCMC Membership Costs - table of all available memberships

Membership Benefits

  • Gain access to over 550 Club Trips and Courses per year...
    • we offer Hiking, Scrambling, Climbing, Mountaineering, Skiing, Snowshoeing and other types of trips.
    • we offer discounted rates on professional courses taught by certified mountain guides
    • we offer BCMC volunteer organized courses in many outdoor activities such as intro skiing, climbing and mountaineering.
    • we are active locally, in the Coast Mountains, in Western Canada, Western USA and Overseas.
    • we offer fun trips for all levels - Novice to Expert.
  • Learn how to Scramble, Climb and Ski with us: members have priority in signing-up for over 20 yearly club courses and instructional trips. Some of them fill up fast, so it’s good to have that member - priority!
  • Find Hiking, Skiing or Climbing Partners via our ‘Partner List’: find compatible partners for over 100 climbing, skiing and hiking routes In addition you may find Grouse Grinders, Kayakers, Mountain Bikers, climbing Families with Kids, Seniors and Weekday-Climbers. The ‘Partner List’ provides new Members with an instant partner network to help you organize private trips, whether novice or expert.
  • Meet new friends with similar interests among the club's many* outdoor enthusiasts of all ages, abilities and nationalities (*over 1200 active member accounts).
  • Save with free bookings for BCMC cabins in the Mt. Waddington, North Creek, and Mountain Lake areas (there's a $10 fee per night for anyone without a BCMC membership).
  • Enjoy member-only access to the BCMC Library, which includes around 800 mountaineering books and journals.
  • Join other members for the club's monthly Socials (except July & Aug) at the Anza Club, located near MEC in Vancouver.  There will be a presentation focused on the outdoors then a chance to casually meet other members to share outdoor trip info and plans.
  • Connect on the many website Forums where you can ask questions, exchange trip-related information, leave comments, and much more.
  • Receive the BCMC monthly Newsletter, including the latest club news and a recent trip report.
  • Stay current through the club's e-News email that includes the latest news, a list of upcoming trips and courses, plus updates in local recreation and conservation issues.
  • Optionally, purchase a copy of The B.C. Mountaineer journal (only $10) that's published every two years, and contains a selection of the club's trip reports along with topical information about club events and wilderness news.
  • Become part of the club's future and help others by volunteering a few hours a month.  The club thrives and succeeds when many of the members are active within the club, including organizing trips, helping setup courses, and volunteering to help the Executive Team with some of the general tasks needed to run the club.

Membership Types

Website Guest Members:  Free

  • Try out the BCMC for 30 days for free!
  • It only takes 5 minutes to sign up for a one-time free Guest membership.
  • You will get immediate access to join many** of the club's Trips, read the Forum, search the Partner List, read the monthly Newsletter online and receive the bi-weekly e-News.
  • Before your free 30-day Guest membership trial period expires, we hope that you'll decide to purchase a 12-month membership and take advantage of the numerous member-only benefits that were listed earlier on this page.
  • **Please note that some trips are not open to Guests and in every case BCMC members will have priority when registering for trips and courses.

Adult Members:  $40

  • 12 Months membership valid from the date you join; must be 19 years and over; Printed Newsletter costs extra per year.
  • After one year of membership, Adult Members have voting rights at the club's Annual General Meeting and are eligible to become members of the club Executive.

Youth Members: $20

  • 12 Months membership valid from the date you join; 18 years and under; Printed Newsletter costs  extra per year.
  • Youth members and Adult members have access to the same club services.
  • However, Active members have voting rights at the club's Annual General Meeting and are eligible to become members of the club Executive, while Youth Members have to get a Parent or Legal Guardian to sign a different version of waiver. For this legal reason, Youth Members may not join the club electronically.

Life Members:  $800

  • Membership valid for your lifetime no age limitations or other restrictions. However, joining for a Life Membership requires the use of our paper membership form.
  • The Life Membership is often purchased by existing BCMC members, but when purchased by first time members the 12 months Associate member rule applies. Printed Newsletter costs extra per year for life memberships purchased in 2014 and later.

*BCMC Senior Members:  $20 (Discontinued)

  • *Applications are no longer being accepted.
  • *Current Senior Members will continue to be eligible for the annual membership fee.
  • 12 months membership - Printed Newsletter costs  extra per year.
  • The Senior Membership was only available if you had been a member for 25 consecutive years and are 65 + years of age.  You must have applied to the club Board of Directors to obtain this membership.

Not a Member?

  • Join us at our monthly Social Meeting at the renovated Anza Club, 3 West 8th Ave., Vancouver, every second Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm (except July and August).
  • To sign-up for one of our trips please sign-up for the FREE 30-day Guest Membership first.
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