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Hut Name
Watersprite Lake
Note: LOCKED hut
Note: Open hut
North Creek
Note: Open hut
Mountain Lake
Note: Open hut
Booking Reservations required
Reservations not required
Reservations required
Reservations required
Size 5 x 6.2 metres
Himmelsbach style
3 x 5 metres
Himmelsbach style
5 x 6.2 metres
Himmelsbach style
3.7 x 5 metres
Himmelsbach style
Sleeping Capacity
Loft: 10+2 custodians
Main: 0
Total: 12
Loft: 3
Main: 5
Total: 8
Loft: 10
Main: 0
Total: 10
Loft: 4
Main: 4
Total: 8
Maximum Beds 10 8 10 8
Location Watersprite Lake
South of Mamquam Mtn
Map: 92.G.10
WGS84: 074 087
Tatla Lake
Waddington Range
Map: 92.N.6
WGS84: 493 936
Sampson Range
Map: 92.J.11
WGS84: 835 103
Britannia Beach
Coastal Range
Map: 92.G.11
WGS84: 941 953
Altitude 1440 m 2680 m 1230 m 1630 m
GPS Route
North Creek Cabin ski approach
  • wood stove (except summer)
  • benches
  • tables
  • 2 burner white gas stove
  • propane lantern
  • benches
  • tables
  • 2 burner white gas stove
  • wood stove
  • 2 lanterns
  • benches
  • tables
  • propane heater (locked)
  • stools
  • tables
Usual Access On foot from Skookum Creek Helicopter from Bluff Lake

Summer: North Creek logging road from Lillooet Forest Service Road

Winter: Helicopter from Pemberton

Furry Creek FSR: the gated logging road from Highway 99 at the top of the long hill north of Furry Creek

Summer: 11km drive plus 3 hour hike.

Winter: approach from Furry Creek FSR. Emergency exit only down Britannia Creek roads.

Objectives Watersprite Lake
  • Claw Peaks
  • Dragon Tail Camp
  • Tellot & Tiedemann Glaciers
  • Winter: Skiing local hills
  • Summer: ?
  • Mt. Sheer
  • Ben Lomond
  • Sky Pilot Group
Remarks Trail to hut and lake. Ten tent pads and camper's outhouse at lake. Remote, high mountainous terrain Not often used during summer.
Online article about North Creek Cabin.
Moderate terrain. Gated road.

Mountain Lake access: Through the gate on the Sea to Sky Hwy, past the Furry Creek Golf Course, at the top of the long uphill. This gate is the access point for the Furry Creek drainage logging road system leading to the club’s trailhead for the Mountain Lake Hut.

Due to ongoing vandalism, and several search and rescue operations in the area due to people getting into trouble in some of the old mine shafts, the Squamish Forestry Office and Brittania Mines Manager have decided to permanently lock this gate. As long as several conditions are agreed to, the SFO has granted the BCMC stewardship of one gate key in order to allow continued club access to the Mountain Lake Area.

Conditions for borrowing the gate key:

Update November 10, 2017

  1. The key is provided for scheduled club trips comprised of only BCMC members, i.e. the trip must be on the trip schedule with type Members Only.
  2. The organizer or delegate must provide a $200 cash deposit to borrow the key.
  3. The key must be returned promptly.
  4. The organizer or delegate must have a VHF radio using narrow band to communicate with road traffic. The radio must be programmed for use with RR 9 frequency.
Additional Information and Safety Measures

The organizer must send a text message to Max Brownhill (604) 837-1927 as they enter the FSR through the gate and when leaving the FSR through the gate; also noting the number in the party each time.

IMPORTANT: There is to be absolutely NO access into the Britannia Creek Watershed. If any access is found to be by BCMC it will result in the revoking of all access privileges and the forfeit of the 0.00 cash deposit.

Using the VHF radio on RR 9 or the posted frequency, you must identify your location at each KM board on the FSR. You must cede right-of-way to industrial vehicles by pulling into a bay on the side of the road at least 2 km before meeting an industrial vehicle. You must obey instructions of industrial users. You must keep your vehicles together.

You must leave the gate as you found it. If locked, lock it. If open, leave it open.

There is no road access from Furry Creek FSR to the road system above Furry Creek golf course (the Beth Lake trail approach) anymore. The connector roads, both of them, were disconnected from the Furry FSR by an excavator. If you're going to Capilano Mountain via Beth Lake then having the key is not going to provide any benefit.

The club now has a VHF radio programmed for the provincial resource road frequencies. If you meet the conditions you can pick up the key and the radio from the key custodian.
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