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PaulOTrip Reports has been movedcreated by PaulO 03.06.2013 11:29 • last reply by PaulO 03.06.2013 11:29The member Trip Reports section as been moved to a new location on the websit...
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FrancisStPierreWatersprite Lake -- How to get therecreated by FrancisStPierre 14.02.2013 14:06 • last reply by PaulK 15.01.2015 05:48Directions to Watersprite Lake:   Driving to trailhead:
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AndrewGMSnowshoe to Russet lake Via Singing Passcreated by AndrewGM 14.10.2020 18:22 • last reply by AndrewGM 14.10.2020 18:22Hello, I was trying to find some more information from anyone that has hiked/snowshoed from Whistler Village to Russet...
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jbeeckWhy the F*#@$ is Garibaldi Park still closed?!?!?created by jbeeck 08.06.2020 11:39 • last reply by craigs 07.08.2020 19:34It's June 8th.  Now bars, restaurants, parks, playgrounds, beaches, basketball courts, tennis courts, skate-parks, the airpor...
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Alex2Golden Earscreated by Alex2 08.02.2020 19:21 • last reply by Alex2 08.02.2020 19:21I'm wondering if the golden ears is hike-able this time of year. what kind of gear you need and maybe a group trip.
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jpolischukSki Touring - Hanes Valley Informationcreated by jpolischuk 29.10.2019 12:52 • last reply by JayMac 12.11.2019 11:01Hey, I was looking at some of the ski-able terrain in the Coast Mountains directly accessible from Vancouver and came ...
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DanielBaumanReccomendations for multi-day hike in The Rockiescreated by DanielBauman 24.03.2019 10:19 • last reply by DianaDiaconu 22.05.2019 12:50Hi there I'm from South African and been in Vancouver for 2 years. I've done some exploring around BC but have never b...
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jlistoenCapilano Mountain - Nov 7, 2018created by jlistoen 10.11.2018 11:21 • last reply by jlistoen 10.11.2018 11:21Trip report for Capilano Mountain posted to Facebook with pictures: 
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craigsWatersprite Lake / Martin Peakcreated by craigs 18.07.2018 13:08 • last reply by craigs 18.07.2018 13:08 We hiked up to Martin Peak last Sunday via the new Watersprite Lake trail.  Along the way, we ran into a...
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UrsKWatersprite Lake Trail Conditionscreated by UrsK 07.05.2018 17:00 • last reply by UrsK 08.05.2018 18:29Has anyone been on the Watersprite Lake Trail in the last 2 weeks or so?  Looking to find out what the conditions are, especi...
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