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jrossMt. MacFarlanecreated by jross 16.08.2012 14:11 • last reply by PaulO 20.08.2012 15:33Some nice imagery of a hike I did a few years ago.
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jrossNesakwatch Spires and Mt Rexfordcreated by jross 09.08.2012 11:41 • last reply by bananapeel 16.08.2012 13:58On the long weekend, we climbed the North Ridge of the North Nesakwatch Spire, Mt Rexford West Ridge, and South Illusion Peak...
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PaulOYak Peak via SOMWOW (Aug 1, 2011)created by PaulO 08.03.2012 22:15 • last reply by FrancisStPierre 12.08.2012 10:29 
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