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Conservation Issues
ScottNelsonMount Seymour Provincial Park survey ends May 8created by ScottNelson 01.05.2023 18:11 • last reply by ScottNelson 01.05.2023 18:11BC parks is doing a user survey on Mount Seymour Provincial Park. The survey closes May 8th so get your feedback in.
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Slovak500Semaphore Lakes Conservationcreated by Slovak500 22.07.2021 13:31 • last reply by Slovak500 15.09.2021 09:21An interesting point of discussion about heavily used areas brings up this little gem. Similar to what happened with Garibald...
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chrislPinecone-Burke Master Plancreated by chrisl 27.01.2018 19:45 • last reply by PaulK 21.10.2019 15:17From Backcountry BC on Pinecone Burke: - by Chris Ludwig (posted also on Backcountry BC) "The planni...
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chrislBackcountry BC - BCMC and Provincial Advocacy Sitecreated by chrisl 23.04.2018 16:36 • last reply by chrisl 23.04.2018 16:36Hello BCMCers, Backcountry BC (https://backcountrybc.ca) is the now the Provin...
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JessicaroseSkaha Bluffs Climbing Online Surveycreated by Jessicarose 05.03.2018 20:13 • last reply by Jessicarose 05.03.2018 20:13
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chrislStand Up for Parks Photo Contestcreated by chrisl 12.01.2018 18:47 • last reply by chrisl 12.01.2018 18:47Stand Up for Parks Photo Contest
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chrislWedgemount and Overlord Glacier Update Karl Rickercreated by chrisl 27.09.2017 15:28 • last reply by chrisl 27.09.2017 15:28Wedgemount Glacier Update:   After a two-year absence (knees weren’t working last year), I had a hal...
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chrislBCMC Dissatisfaction with FMC Membershipcreated by chrisl 29.06.2017 00:58 • last reply by chrisl 29.06.2017 00:58
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chrislBCMC Meeting with BC Parks on Pinecone Burke Parkcreated by chrisl 16.05.2017 22:18 • last reply by chrisl 16.05.2017 22:18Four BCMC Representatives (Wilson Edgar, David Scanlon, Paul Kubik and Chris Ludwig) today met with BC Parks planners to disc...
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chrislApril 26, 2017 Conservation Chair Reportcreated by chrisl 26.04.2017 16:52 • last reply by chrisl 26.04.2017 18:57Due to my heavy load as ...
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