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Trip Report

Just a quick report to save everyone a trip up. I was up the Ashlu Main on Sunday, January 11th to see what's up with the snowpack. The road was plowed to the power plant at the bottom of the mainline (about Mile 22). Skinned up from there on an inadequate base for skiing down. Quads had made it to the top of the hill above the canyon just beyond Cassetta Creek. After that it was just snowmobile tracks all the way to the head pond at Mile 26. Took just over an hour from the bottom. No trail breaking to that point. The snow was deep enough for the ski down from where the quads stopped. They'd really churned the snow up.

Broke trail to A620 Pokosha Creek road about 2 km beyond the head pond. Turned up the roadbed to the end, another 3 km. Snow depth actually decreased once off the mainline. It might have something to do with cold air drainage or perhaps the roadbed is not cleared as wide so the trees trap warmth better. I had to walk with the skis for at least 500 meters just beyond the 4x4 parking and then there was lots of running water to cross all the way to the end.

Once on the trail proper, in the trees the snow pretty much disappeared. It took me about 3.5 hours from the bottom to reach the trail. Snowpack is desperately thin all the way to the alpine. Called it a day. 

Bottom of Ashlu Main at Innergex power plant
_Bottom of Ashlu Main at Innergex power plant
Pokosha Creek trail ski conditions
Trip Reporter
14.01.2015 (2821 Days Ago)
Trip Report TitleAshlu roundup
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  •  bogdan wrote 2788 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Thanks for the betas Paul. Used my skis once this season. This will be a good year for mtn bikers
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  •  PaulK wrote 2794 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Yeah, looking pretty skimpy Bogdan.

    Update Feb 8th, 2015. Snow patches on road last 500 meters. First alder beyond the road was knee deep wet snow around 850 meters. More continuous snow in flat meadows above 950 meters. The Jimmy Jimmy approach looked a bit sketchy but who knows.
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  •  bogdan wrote 2808 Days Ago (neutral) 
    oh boy
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