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Trip Report

Two BCMCers, David Egan and I, started at about 8:15 am to hike up to the summit of Mount Brunswick. We had clear, blue skies and it was quite warm. We each brought about 3 litres of water which was a good idea as there wasn't any access to water above about 600 meters of elevation where we crossed Magnesia Creek. I drank almost all of my water by the end of the hike!

We took a few quick breaks to refuel and rest. The trail was in good condition, easy to follow, and the views were amazing from above about 1000 meters in elevation. You can see the amazing blue waters of Howe Sound. We saw a mama Grouse and her two babies high up on the trail where we could already see the views of the ocean. They scurried across the trail and the mama Grouse watched us from a branch of a tree as we watched back. They were so adorable!

We arrived at the ridge to the summit in about 3 and a half hours. There was a bit of scrambling to get to the summit once you reached the ridge and it was exposed in some areas. It was fairly easy to walk on the right side of the last section instead of on top of the rock and to the summit. We crossed paths with only a few people. At the summit, we were visited by a Dark-eyed junco. There were also some beautiful alpine flowers such as Arctic lupine and Davidson's penstemon.

We completed the hike in about 8 hours which included a nice break at the top.


Magnesia Creek
_Magnesia Creek
Trip Reporter
08.08.2020 (539 Days Ago)
Trip Report TitleBrunswick Mountain
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