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Trip Report

I have not climbed Mt Baker for a few years now. I and my friend Mandy car camped near Glacier to recky the area. We reserved a campsite for two nights at the Douglas Fir Campground in the Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest near Glacier. We arrive Friday night about 10ish to a torrential downpour and in a controlled panic erected a sorta leaky tent. After some debate regarding how to remedy the problem, the downpour stopped and we ventured out and made things right.

The next morning we stumbled into Glacier about 8ish and found a marvelous coffee shop, The Wake Bakery. After fiddling about Glacier and area. we found ourselves at the Helitrope trail head about 3ish, hiked up to snow line which was at about the 1600m level, caught a stunning view of the lower part of Mt Baker and its massive crevasses, and scooted down back the car by 6ish.

Still plenty of snow on Mt Baker, lots of water coming down. The parking lot was full, but we did not meet or see many people.

We had planned to have our dinner at the campsite, but we were tired and opted for diner at Griffins instead. Our last evening at the campsite was marred by vandals who in the dead of night, liberated all license plates in the campground that were facing the roadway. We lost the front plate off our vehicle. The Sheriff appeared as we were packing up Sunday morning and took our statements and assured us that no stone would be undisturbed in the quest to apprehend the post pubescent long blonde haired suspect.    

Trip Reporter
13.06.2016 (1796 Days Ago)
Trip Report TitleDay Hike from Heliotrope Trailhead
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