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Trip Report

Did a quick day trip on Saturday.

 Starting out at the lower parking lot

Thankfully BC Park has info posted at the lower parking lot. Road was good, gravely snowy on the way up. From this point on the road got icy and chains were needed

Zipped up to about Round Mtn and came back. Plenty of snow on the ridge. Walkable to Red Heather Hut. Trail is skiable to just below the waterfall bend in the trail, then the rocks start to poke through. Road was snow covered from about the first parking area. Upper parking was full but not jammed when we came down. Many cars were chained. An enjoyable day was had by all, 6 of us in the group. Snow was definitely decent and sorta skied out but not to badly.

The trail up was packed and skinning up to it was not necessary though almost all did. Snow was soft and firm, with stone poking up through the snow on the lower third of the trail


The upper parking lot was snow covered and not too crowed, most vehicles were chained.


There was plenty of snow on the ridge, coverage was good, avy conditions moderated and plenty of places to get some nice turns in.

Heading down from the main parking lot on the snow covered road. A bit icy and not too slippery. A set of Yak Tracks or crampons would have been handy

Elfin Lakes
_Elfin Lakes
Trip Reporter
04.01.2015 (1262 Days Ago)
Trip Report TitleElfin Lakes
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