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Trip Report

BCMC participants: Paul Kubik, Andrew Wong

Lions Bay Search and Rescue: Isabel Budke, Edward Langford, Sandro Frei, Hebe, Jonathon Vroom, David Wilson, Craig, JS,

Non-members: Doug Carter

From Edward Langford (LB SAR):

Rob has been hard at work making some new fantastic signs.

This monument will be placed at the Lions Trail junction once letters are painted and the wood preserved.

Similar signs are also made for other key junctions

  • Lions to Ridge
  • Unnecessary to Ridge
  • Harvey Basin HSCT junction.

From Isabel Budke::

Seconding Ed's shout-out to the team of 15 who wielded brush cutters, chain saws and machetes yesterday--thank you for an awesome effort--especially to our 6 non-LBSAR friends, including BCMC! We really appreciate your support and time!

The Harvey Basin trail/ road is fully brushed bottom to top and was equipped with plastic signs and new flagging. If someone goes up there soon, it would be great to take some orange or green flagging tape and re-flag the lower portion.

It will be great to get Rob's awesome signs finished and installed!

There was a question of being reimbursed for blades/ fuel contributed by our non-LBSAR friends...please follow up with Sandro or Brent on this.

I hope everyone made it in time for various birthday and dinner parties (Very sorry, Paul, for your wait at the locked gate).

Attached a pic of our crew.

New signage
_New signage
Trip Reporter
27.10.2015 (912 Days Ago)
Trip Report TitleHarvey Basin trail clearing with LB SAR
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