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Trip Report

A short video I put together of the Ski Mountaineering course offered to us at a discount in early February. We went up Saturday, and after waiting in the lift line for what seemed like forever, we finally go up to disease ridge to set up camp. With tons of fresh powder and blue skies, we spent the majority of that day skiing after we set up our camps. Sunday greeted us with high winds, fog, rain, and freezing levels of 3500m. This day was spent learning mountaineering skills on a small cliff band near camp. After getting soaked and dealing with snow constantly sticking to our skins and skis, we finally packed up and headed down to the parking lot. We didn't have ideal conditions, and I would have liked to spend more time working with ropes/crampons/ice axes on steeper slopes or cliffs, but I still learned a lot! I haven't taken any other mountaineering courses through CWMS, but I would suggest taking a general course and not the ski specific one, as I think the skiing took away from how much the guide could teach us.



Follow me for more photos! :) 



Intro to Ski Mountaineering CWMS & BCMC
_Intro to Ski Mountaineering CWMS & BCMC
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Trip Reporter
15.02.2016 (2664 Days Ago)
Trip Report TitleIntro to Ski Mountaineering CWMS & BCMC
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