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Trip Report

Awesome day with awesome conditions with Majid Valad. Everything went as planned with a 7 am start from base with hike through 1st pump, 2nd pump and then Mt Seymour summit


Back at vehicle for 1pm with lots some good breaks for lunch and photos :)


David LeBlanc

2nd Pump
_2nd Pump
Trip Reporter
16.12.2019 (103 Days Ago)
Trip Report TitleMT SEYMOUR HIKE 12.15.19
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  •  mvalad wrote 102 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Ops! wanted to rate high stars but accidentally hit single star
    0 points
  •  mvalad wrote 102 Days Ago (positive) 
    Another beautiful day in nature seeing the sunrise and amazing scenarries. I enjoyed and learnt from David's skills, he is a good lead.
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