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Trip Report

On October 3rd, Doreen, Alec and Grazyna, we went to the top of Mt Strachan.  Although the last three days were without major rain in the forecast, the trail (plants, rocks, roots) was very wet.  There was a note attached on a tree on the Hound Sound Crest Trail, just before Christmas Gully, explaining how to access Gully part of the trail.  The Christmas Gully trail was very well marked (big orange dots each couple of meters on the rocks, and orange ribbons).  We haven't had any views due to the fog.  Because I am a slow hiker and we hiked in the group, we completed the trail in 6 hours. 

Alec and Doreen
_Alec and Doreen
Trip Reporter
04.10.2021 (539 Days Ago)
Trip Report TitleMt Strachan Up & Down Gully
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