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Trip Report

We parked a bit higher than last time at 1150 m and skinned up from there. It was a great day, with visibility improving despite the blowing snow, and there was a powdery accumulation of 30 cm over a good base.  We used extra caution and did some ski cuts to confirm stability.  We had the Skyline area to ourselves and yoyo-ed a few times.  Freezing level was at the trailhead (1350 m at 9:30 am), but my thermometer got up to 4 C at 1700 m (11:15 am).  The snow started to get heavier in the afternoon, and snow turned to rain below the trailhead.  We could ski down almost the entire trail.  Today was probably a better choice for skiing than tomorrow given the forecasted warming trend. 

Skinning up
_Skinning up
On the trail going back down
Trip Reporter
05.12.2015 (1171 Days Ago)
Trip Report TitleSkyline Divide (Dec 5)
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  •  spollak wrote 1169 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Hmm, I got both videos to work here, but I have heard about video viewing problems in the past depending on the software/hardware combination.
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  •  RogerBarany wrote 1169 Days Ago (neutral) 
    video doesn't work
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