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Trip Report

At the church in West Van, a large crew gathered. Most would be heading up to the cabin. Chris would be the bridge building crew chief. Once all the paper work and that sort of thing was settled, we all took off for the Watersprite Lake Trail-head. With a short stop-off in Squamish, we met up at the trail-head, gathered our gear and trundled up the trail with a grey sky and a forecast wet, lots, to come our way.(it never did)

The first building site did not take long to reach, and after a bit of discussion we got to work. Chainsaw, pry bar, shovel, a pick axe and other tools were put to good use, and along with plenty of shouting, grunts and groans, the first bridge took shape..


The first log has been picked and will be soon trimmed to size.

The first log is about to be trimmed to the required length

With a lot of heavy lifting, grunts, groans, the use of a come-along and one too many wet feet, the second log is put in place

A well deserved lunch for some, as others completed finishing the first bridge

It ain't pretty, but it is. Bridge one is done. Time out to admire the handy work.

The cabin crew, having finished helping with the first bridge, left and headed up to the cabin. Most if not all of them were going to spend the weekend working on the cabin. The idea of a warm dry cabin was very appealing to us with wet feet. The remaining bridge crew gathered up tools and gear, to hike up to the second building site.

Looking over the crossing and working out were to put the bridge was the first priority.


It took a bit of time to figure out how to get there from here.

With the first log in place, careful placement of the second log was critical.


With the logs in place, holes were bored for driving iron rods into the logs to hold them in place


A small sledge was used to drive the iron rods used to tie the bridge together


Chris and Gavin proudly present the second bridge


Ladies and gentlemen, proud members of the bridge building crew

Watersprite Trail Bridge Construction
_Watersprite Trail Bridge Construction
Trip Reporter
13.11.2016 (616 Days Ago)
Trip Report TitleWatersprite Trail Bridge Construction
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  •  grogvfx wrote 605 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Thanks for the nice work!
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  •  peterm wrote 610 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Thanks, and thanks for the photos
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  •  Silvertip wrote 611 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Great trip report!
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