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Trip Report

When I learned that I would be spending the day with Andrew Wong I was thrilled. I had worked with Andrew on numerous trail building trips, but never had the opportunity to spend any time other than working on whatever we were doing. Today would be different, we would have the chance to chat and explore a number of topics of common interest, and maybe get something useful done. The day started off at JJ Bean with coffee and muffins..........

The main objective for the day was to scout out an alternative section of trail to replace a section of trail that contained a number of up and down subsections that would make life very uncomfortable for persons carrying a heavy pack. A secondary objective was to look for completed trail sections that could use a further upgrade. We were successful in completing our objectives. 

We found the replacement section of trail, and to our surprise so did someone else, and they did a fine job of flagging it! Thank you, persons yet unknown. The up and down sections can be bypassed and an added bonus is a potentially wet and boggy section will be bypassed also. Primary objective achieved!

 We found that there is no shortage of sections that could use a bit of an upgrade. Secondary objective achieved!

A very successful day!!! It did rain and we did get wet.

Here is a summary of the current condition of the trail. On our way out we were amazed to find the following sign at the trail-head. How on earth could we have missed this on the way in. Well we did and we cannot explain how we did not see this?

Sign at trail-head for Watersprite Lake


The trail is in good condition from the trail-head to a area called the rock slide. It follows a series of very old, decommissioned logging roads. Clearing these abandoned road beds yielded a gently sloped trail, perfect for heavily laden hikers. In a few places the roadbed has been covered to some extent by debris from the upper slope side of the road. The trail in these sections is quiet a bit more demanding and fortunately very short.


 Debris on roadbed

Almost all dead-fall affecting the trail has been cleared or made passable. An easily followed trail-bed has been established at least to the creek crossing. We did not have the time to cross the creek and reach the cabin site. We were wet and it was getting late. The return recon section of trail had not yet been done, so we opted not to continue on. I am very pleased at what I saw, and motivated to add my bit. There a some portions of trail that definitely need some TLC, but it is a very nice trail that is in good condition, well worth the effort to find and hike. If you have not yet had the opportunity to hike it, I recommend that you find the time to do so, before winter sets in.

I am a relatively new member of this trail building team. The work done by these guys has been impressive from the get go. I do not want to start naming names for fear of missing one, kudos. The routing is simply out standing and work completed, very well done. I am estimating that about 6km or so can be considered completed, the balance is roughed in and will soon be upgraded. A sign at the trail-head has the length of trail at 8.5km. Novice hikers can expect, a stiff but doable route and experienced hikers a good walk in the park, all will be rewarded with awesome views of the hills bordering Garibaldi Park, and in the valley below the winter route in to the cabin. Well I think it is the winter route into the cabin. I am not sure if this trail will be used for winter access. Mmmmmm....... another topic to discuss later.  A bridge for the main creek crossing will soon be completed, well maybe next season. Winter is rapidly moving close to settling in, and the weather may put a hold on the current plans for work yet to be done.

Cabin or not, Watersprite Lake is a destination hike that is growing in popularity. I did an Instagram search and was stunned at what I found. Here is what Andrew and I found on the trail, 17 hikers using the trail on a cold, cloudy rainy day.  3 out for the day and 14 in for the weekend. All hikers found the trail through social media and offered a warm thank you to Andrew and I for all the effort that went to making the trail. I am honoured to have the opportunity to bring it to those who made this trail, a thank you from users of the Watersprite Trail on this Sept 3 2016.

Happy hikers on trail.

Not only did all the hikers we met express their delight in having access to a new area, most expressed a strong interest in becoming club members in the future. Who would of though that building a trail and a cabin would attract new members to the club and that some of these people will certainly be those who serve on the BOD, scary.


Onward to the dome

The dome over Watersprite Lake looms in the background, it dominates the view of the lake and cabin site.


 Possible new creek crossing

This may be the site for the new creek crossing. It has good areas for building the cribbing onto which the bridge will be built. In addition, the alternate trail section, which will bypass a difficult lower portion of trail, starts very close to this crossing site.

Returning to the parking lot we found some joy in musing over the events of the day. Why are there so many cars at an obscure trail-head on a rainy long weekend Saturday? Today we encountered 17 people heading for the lake. Most will be spending at least one night. Is Dave and the crew up there now? Will there  be enough toilets? What will the parking lot look like on a busy day???

On our way home we stopped at the food truck in Squamish, ordered our favorites off the menu topping up a good day with some great food. Wow, 14 people camping overnight on a rainy weekend! I hope Dave and the crew got that concrete pour done. Kudos for the crew who have been working on the trail to-date. Today, hikers all 17, offered an enthusiastic  Thank you

Debris on slope
_Debris on slope
Trip Reporter
04.09.2016 (1714 Days Ago)
Trip Report TitleWatersprite Trail Recon Sept 3/16
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  •  grogvfx wrote 1686 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Will it be the same 'official' route option for the winter ? There is a few slopes who may be tricky for beginners, no?
    I'm just asking that before sharing information to others.
    0 points
  •  PaulK wrote 1713 Days Ago (neutral) 
    It will be interesting to see how many hikers will be willing to contribute $5 or $10 per year for trail maintenance.
    0 points
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