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Trip Information
Name: Matier - Northwest Face (AD-, ice)
Starts: Tue Jul 01, 2014
Return: Wed Jul 02, 2014

Registration opens: Mon Jun 30, 2014
Event category: Mountaineering
Difficulty grade: C5  [?]
For members only: Yes
Screening used: Yes
Max participants: 2

Organizer: Serguei Okountsev
Profile info:
Trip Planning Questions

* date of the most recent crevasse rescue training

* date of any successful ice AD- trip

* will you drive or need a ride?

* describe gear that you can share: http://goo.gl/vQLzO

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Participant Information

Alpine Select route #63 (AD- ice)
Approach via Cerice Creek summer trail, bivy at Motel 66 ( http://goo.gl/x1tVP )



  • must have completed at least one AD- ice/snow route from Alpine Select List ( http://goo.gl/8j8qb )

 Personal Gear

  • half 8mm 70m rope (or else)
  • helmet
  • harness
  • ice tools (hammer + adze)
  • 4+ ice screws each with a sling & 2 non-lockers (or a quick draw)
  • 2+ short (61cm)snow pickets with runners attached
  • antibot steel crampons
  • anchor material ~2 nylon 7mm or 8mm cords 2m+3m
  • 2 5mm leg prusiks + 1 spare
  • rescue pulley
  • carabiners: 2 non-lockers + 4 lockers
  • belay device + large locker
  • Tibloc
  • minimal rock protection set (if you have)
  • personal emergency kit incl. medical, space blanket, flares (if you have)
  • headlamp with spare fresh batteries
  • PLB/SPOT/GPS (if you have)
  • Camping gear: tent, sleeping bag, stove, fuel, etc.


  • priority is given to those who contribute most to the trip's safety, fun and success, in that order.
  • if you have previously "bailed" less than a day before the start of, or been a "no show" for, one of the trip organizer's previous trips, you need not apply to join this one - you will not get a response.
  • trip without Approved Participants is subject to change.
  • if minimum safety levels are not met (because of weather, conditions, etc.) the trip will be canceled, last minute cancellations do occur.
  • if you want to receive a response you must clearly answer  ALL "Trip Planning Questions".
  • if you haven't received response, check your email in Spam folder (some eager service providers mark club's messages as such ).

PHOTO: NW Face taken on JUN 26,2014 from the summit of Slalok

PHOTO: Andrei Pipas leading.  Aug-09-2012

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