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Trip Information
Name: Intro to Paragliding: Fly over the Mountains
Starts: Sat Jul 05, 2014
Return: Sun Jul 06, 2014

Registration opens: Mon Jun 09, 2014
Event category: Instructional Program
Difficulty grade: N/A  [?]
For members only: Yes
Screening used: Yes
Max participants: 10

Organizer: Ursula Paleczek
Profile info:
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Participant Information

The courses are offered to BCMC through iParaglide school. You have two options: 1) Slope Soaring course (half-day course); 2) Discovery Solo course (two-day course). NOTE: After completing Slope Soaring, you can upgrade to the Discovery Solo course.

Course Fees: we are currently negotiating a club discount with the school. Please check here for updates.

Option 1: Slope Soaring (http://www.iparaglide.com/slope-soaring-paragliding/), Saturday, half-day (Sat July 5).

Option 2: Discovery Solo (http://www.iparaglide.com/discovery-solo-paragliding/), an evening theory class (Wed July 2) and full weekend of practice, dawn to dusk (Sat & Sun July 5-6).

The Slope Soaring is a half-day course designed to teach the skills of launching, flying and landing a paraglider over a small hill. The Solo Discovery course is a full-weekend curriculum designed to teach the skills required to fly as the pilot in command during a paragliding high mountain flight. The theory session includes an introduction to basic principles of paragliding aerodynamics.

The school will supply all the required equipment: paraglider, paragliding harness, paragliding reserve parachute, helmet and radio. You need to wear sturdy footwear with good ankle support. 

You will be emailed by the trip organizer to work out registration details.

Trip Photos
Slope soaring (photo copyright www.iparaglide.com)
_Slope soaring (photo copyright www.iparaglide.com)
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