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Trip Information
Name: Essential Skills for Rock Climbing
Starts: Sat Jul 18, 2015
Meetup: 7am St Davids Church, Hwy 1 & Taylor Way
Return: Sun Jul 19, 2015

Registration opens: Tue Jun 23, 2015
Event category: Instructional Program
Difficulty grade: A5  [?]
For members only: Yes
Screening used: Yes
Max participants: 11

Organizer: Paul Olynek
Profile info:
Trip Planning Questions

What is your climbing skill level... indoors and outdoors?

Will you bring a rope, anchor material, and/or lead gear?

Can you drive or will you require a ride to/from Squamish?

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Participant Information

UPDATE: the minimum participants for this course will be 8, i.e. 2 teaching and 6 learning.

Meetup Info:  each day we'll meet at 7:00 am at the St. David's Church parking lot located at Hwy 1 and Taylor Way, in West Vancouver. If you need a ride to the church, please post a request in this trip's planning forum and/or message me.  Each day we'll aim to arrive back in Vancouver before 6:00 pm.

General Plan:  since we only have two days, and we know that time for practice is very important when learning new skills, we've decided to focus primarily on these essential skills:

  1. building SERENE top rope anchors at bolted stations (we will NOT be covering "Trad" anchors).
    1. a) Special Case: using trees as top-rope anchors, since it's common in Squamish.
  2. securing yourself at a top-rope anchor to "clean the station" and rappel with a prussic.
  3. discussing various hand and foot climbing techniques to help you stay balanced on the rock.
  4. as requested, we'll cover a few basic techniques for down-climbing without weighting the rope.

Requirements:  every participant in this course must have *at least* some recent top roping experience, either indoors or outdoors. I expect everyone taking this course will have already learned how to correctly belay a "Top Rope" climber.

Personal Gear:  all participants must bring their own personal climbing gear... including: harness, belay device, locking biner, climbing shoes, and helmet (no helmet = no climbing).  You will need a prussic for rappelling and a PAS (personal anchor system) for securing yourself to anchors... if you're unsure what these are then contact me ASAP.  Bring plenty of water and energy snacks.  Ropes & anchor material for this course are provided by both the instructors and participants.  If you have a full strength climbing rope and anchor material, please do bring it. 

Course Fee:  $20 CAD.
Please note that the course organizers are volunteers. Your course fee is paid directly to the BCMC.  If the organizers cancel the course then anyone that has paid the course fee will receive a full refund.

Registration process:
1) after you've register online your name will automatically be added to the "Request List" while the organizer reviews your registration information,
2) after the organizer approves your request, your name will be placed in the "Waiting List", which will give you access to the "Pay Now" (PayPal) button to pay online,
3) after payment has been confirmed by PayPal, your name will be moved to the "Confirmed List" and a confirmation email will be sent to you. 
Notes about the "Confirmed List":
 1) ordering will be based on when course fee payments were received.
 2) group total, including organizers, is limited by "Max participants:".

Payment options:
1) online PayPal / Credit Card payment through the BCMC website is preferred,
2) the alternate method is send a cheque payable to the B.C. Mountaineering Club and mailed to PO Box 2674, Vancouver, BC V6B 3W8.  Allow time for delivery since payment will not be considered "received" until the cheque has been deposited into the BCMC bank account.  Contact the organizer to request a space on the "Confirmed List" be held for you.
NOTE: cancellation fees may apply if a "Confirmed" participant withdraws from the course and requests a refund.  For more information, please review the BCMC Course Refund Policy.

Emergency Info:  please make sure your Emergency Contact info has been added to your web-account profile.  You can do this by logging into the bcmc.ca website, then click on: My Account > Edit Profile Information > Private Info and add your Emergency Name and Phone Number info.  Please reenter your password to complete the process.  Your emergency contact info is stored *privately* and only made available to those organizing trips *you* choose to attend.

Medical issues:  if there are any current medical issues that should be shared with the Trip Organizer(s), please send me an email message and/or phone me ASAP to let me know.  For example, if you are very allergic to bee/wasp bites, or you are taking medication that could be vital information to First Aid Responders.  Anything you choose to share with me will remain private.

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