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Trip Information
Name: Alpine Practice - Crevasse Self-Rescue
Starts: Sat Feb 27, 2016
Meetup: will be emailed to you around noon time two days prior to the trip
Return: Sat Feb 27, 2016

Registration opens: Tue Feb 23, 2016
Event category: Practice
Difficulty grade: B5  [?]
For members only: Yes
Screening used: Yes
Max participants: 4

Organizer: Serguei Okountsev
Profile info:
Trip Planning Questions

- in the last 12 months, have you ever cancelled any club trip participation within a day or been a no-show?

- what is your most technical successful Alpine Select trip (peak’s name, date, technical grade of the route, name of the leader)?

- will you drive? if so, how many passengers can you take?

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Participant Information

Alpine Practice - Crevasse Self-Rescue
Because  certain factors can't be predicted (e.g. weather, conditions), the date of this trip can only be approximate, it may move in either direction, not unlikely on a very short note (1-2 days prior to the actual trip). As long as "registered" list is empty, consider this trip as "standing-by".

For active alpine climbers only.  Assuming one has already received a solid formal alpine training elsewhere, the goal of this session is only to review (and not to learn) fundamental mountaineering skills.

Practice Location: Murrin Provincial Park, Squamish
Meeting Location and Time
will be emailed to you around noon time two days prior to the trip.
Carpool: Guidelines for Compensation of Drivers apply.

Priority will be given to those who:

  • have been a club member for more than a year.

  • have been on at least three club trips in the past 12 months.

Skills Required


  • Alpine knots (12).
  • Fall factor and impact forces.
  • Ultimate backup.
  • Climbing up rope using two prusiks.
  • Climbing up rope using mechanical ascenders.
  • Hauling backpack.
  • Transferring backpack after a crevasse fall.

Essential Gear

  • 30-70m 8mm half rope (or else)
  • helmet
  • harness + belay device (Reverso type)
  • carabiners: 5 lockers + 1 large pear shape
  • anchor material: cords and slings (Nylon, Dyneema, Spectra)
  • two 5-mm prusik slings (leg, chest) + one short (ratchet)
  • mechanical ascender(s) (e.g. Tiblock, Ropeman) - two will be ideal
  • personal emergency kit incl. medical
  • headlamp with spare fresh batteries


  • if you have "bailed" less than a day before the start of, or been a "no show" for any club’s trips in the past 12 months, you need not apply to join this one - you will not get a response.

  • if minimum safety levels are not met (because of the bad weather, conditions, etc.) this trip will be canceled, last minute cancellations do occur.

  • if you want to receive a response you must clearly answer  ALL "Trip Planning Questions"

  • if you haven't received response, check your email in Spam folder (some eager service providers mark club's messages as such ). 

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