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Trip Information
Name: Crawford Peak, Watersprite Lake
Starts: Wed Feb 22, 2017
Meetup: St David's church parking lot at Highway 1 and Taylor Way in West Vancouver at 7 AM
Return: Thu Feb 23, 2017

Registration opens: Sat Feb 18, 2017
Event category: Backcountry Skiing
Difficulty grade: C3  [?]
For members only: No
Screening used: Yes
Max participants: 10

Organizer: Paul Kubik
Profile info:
Trip Planning Questions

What recent C3 graded trips have you done? Is your ski equipment in good repair and functioning properly, i.e. your skins have decent glue, your bindings and boots are in good shape? Have you got 4WD vehicle? How many passengers can you take?

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Participant Information

Participants will be staying overnight at Watersprite Lake hut. In order to be confirmed on the trip you must:

  1. Email the trip organizer to get approval to join the trip by answering the Questions for Participants.
  2. On approval by the organizer, you must visit the BCMC hut page at the link below and pay for one night at Watersprite Lake hut.
  3. Once payment is confirmed by PayPal, the trip organizer will confirm your registration for the trip.

Hut page link: https://bcmc.ca/club_huts.php

On Day 1, we will drive to Skookum power plant and ski into the cabin at Watersprite Lake. We will probably follow the so-called "summer route" rather than the standard "winter route". The reason being that it is only marginally longer but the skiing out is probably much better than the winter route. On Day 2 we can use the broken trail to return to the hut to pick up our gear.

On Day 2, we will ski up Crawford Peak, return to the hut and ski out to the parked vehicles. We may ski down a different way than we approach, which may result in the return trip being over twice as long as the approach and with more vertical. That means we may end up lower than the cabin and have to climb back up to retrieve our gear. But there is one other option for the return trip.

Day 2 may be a long day. Hopefully, we will get an early start. You will need to be physically fit. A headlamp is required.

For the cabin, I have access to a Coleman 2-burner stove that can be shared if the party is small. The hut has lanterns. You will need to bring sleeping bag, sleeping pad, own cooking gear, TP, white gas (for cooking), booties etc.

Be prepared for an interesting trip.

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