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Trip Information
Name: Rock Rescue skills practice
Starts: Sun May 28, 2017
Meetup: 10am @ St Davids Church parking lot
Return: Sun May 28, 2017

Registration opens: Sun May 14, 2017
Event category: Practice
Difficulty grade: A5  [?]
For members only: Yes
Screening used: Yes
Max participants: 12

Organizer: Paul Olynek
Profile info:
Trip Planning Questions

When did you complete your Rock Rescue training?

Was there something important you'd like to practice?

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Participant Information

This will be an informal practice session -- *not a course*. This is an opportunity for those of us who *recently* completed a Rock Rescue course to compare notes and help each other practice our skills. It's up to participants what they want to do, but some skills we might want to practice are: tying off a belay to get hands-free, escaping the belay, passing a knot on rappel, counterbalance rappelling, prusiking up a rope, and simple 3:1 hauling.

PLEASE NOTE: this Practice Session was added to the BCMC Events schedule specifically for those who took the Rock Rescue course this month.  However, those who are currently very active with organizing club courses and trips, *AND* have taken some form of climbing rescue course, may also be Confirmed into this session.

Requirements: You should be confident at building safe anchors, belaying, and rappelling, and have some kind of rescue training. If you're not sure you have enough experience, shoot me a message.

Equipment to bring: Everyone needs a helmet, harness, belay device, and rope. Besides that, bring whatever rescue gear you normally climb with. This is what I like to use:

1 or 2 climbing cordelettes (5-6 metres long... prefer 7 mm in diameter)

2 prusiks (about 1.5 metres of 6 mm cord for ~8-9 mm rope and/or 7 mm cord for ~9.5-10.5 mm rope)

4 or more locking carabiners (the bigger, the better) and several non-lockers

some slings

Review before the session: prusik knot, munter hitch, clove hitch, mule knot (a.k.a. stopper knot). You might also want to review any haul systems you want to try out. An excellent resource is Climbing Self-Rescue by Tyson and Loomis.

Meetup info: we'll meet at 11 a.m. at the Smoke Bluffs parking lot.  Plan to leave Squamish at 6pm.

CancellationIf we don't get at least four people, I might reschedule for another date. If you're keen but you can't make this date, let me know when is better. I'll check the weather forecast and decide whether to go or not by 8 p.m. the evening before. Wet rock is OK for this trip, but if it's raining too much, I'll cancel. 

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