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Trip Information
Name: Mountain Lake hut site visit
Starts: Wed May 31, 2017
Meetup: St David's church parking lot at Highway 1 and Taylor Way in West Vancouver at 6:45 AM
Return: Wed May 31, 2017

Registration opens: Fri May 26, 2017
Event category: Hiking
Difficulty grade: B2  [?]
For members only: Yes
Screening used: No
Max participants: 10

Organizer: Paul Kubik
Profile info:
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Participant Information

***Moved trip to Wednesday due to weather forecast.

Site visit in preparation for replacement of the roof of the Mountain Lake hut this summer. We're also looking at installing a propane heater. You'll probably need skis or snowshoes for the approach.

Note: I'm setting the date for Monday but there's the possibility of moving it to Tuesday. Let me know if Tuesday suits you better.

We'll be driving up Furry Creek and then heading up the trail to the hut. (I have the key to the Furry Creek gate.) I will be taking a tape measure to get the measurements for the door, windows, roof etc.

I would also like to check out the site for propane tank installation. I am leaning towards placing the tanks at the outhouse. The gas line could run inside plastic PVC drain pipe to the hut. The drain pipe will be sealed to the hut end wall so gas can't escape. The drain pipe will butt up to the end wall and be sealed. The gas pipe will pass through the wall and terminate at a shutoff valve inside the cabin. The shutoff valve will be enclosed in a lock box with a Schlage combination door lock. Paying guests and custodians will receive the combination. (Any club member contributing to cabin and trail work will automatically become a custodian for a period of one to two years, entitling them to stay free at any BCMC hut.)

The site visit is essential for budget planning purposes. Stefania and I will be putting together a proposal for funding the refurbishment and presenting it to the BCMC board of directors on June 6th. Stefania is the Mountain Lake hut refurbishment project coordinator.

I would be pleased for anyone with experience with propane heaters to provide their comments.

Trip Photos
Mountain Lake hut
_Mountain Lake hut
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