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Trip Information
Name: Hiking Watersprite Lake Trail - Sign up closed
Starts: Sun Jul 09, 2017
Meetup: 1877 West 5th Avenue Van 8:00 am or St. David's Church West Vancouver at 8:30 am.
Return: Sun Jul 09, 2017

Registration opens: Thu Jun 29, 2017
Event category: Hiking
Difficulty grade: B1  [?]
For members only: Yes
Screening used: Yes
Max participants: 3

Organizer: Dan Giroday
Profile info:
Trip Planning Questions

Can you please call my cell at 604-685-3666 to see if this trip is a fit for you?

Please call no later than 24 hours after signing up for the trip.

Phone calls only please :)

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Participant Information

NOTE: Time change for rendezvous. Sign up closes on the evening of Friday July 7th.

We will hike the Watersprite Lake trail and get as far as we can.

Requirements: good footwear, moderate or better fitness level.

You need to be comfortable hiking in snow. I will wear mountaineering boots, without crampons, snowshoes or microspikes.  Feel free to bring them.   Some post holing may be encountered.

I have been leading some trips recently where some folks were not the best fit, so I am changing my screening criteria.

I am going to screen people by having a brief phone conversation. If you want to get added to the roster call my cell at 604-685-3666.  Please call no later than 24 hours of signing up for the trip :).

In addition, a phone call is a much more effective form of communication than text/email and makes organizing a lot easier.  Phone calls only please, if you need to communicate with me :)

I have a 4x4 and will be driving.

I can only pick folks up from the rendezvous points. 

If you need a ride to the rendezvous point you can reach out to fellow participant.

I am keeping the group size small since it makes it easier to organize.

A wait list may form.  It is worth getting on the wait list since it is common for people to have to decline a trip because of life events.

Please bring cash to compensate the driver. This doesn't apply if you are driving to the trail head.  If you drive, bring a vehicle with decent ground clearance. 


Trip Photos
This is a picture of my vehicle. By familarizing yourself with my ride you will be able to spot me in the parking lot at the rendesvous point.
_This is a picture of my vehicle.  By familarizing yourself with my ride you will be able to spot me in the parking lot at the rendesvous point.
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