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Trip Information
Name: This Wednesday Night skiing at Cypress
Starts: Wed Dec 13, 2017
Return: Wed Dec 13, 2017

Registration opens: Sun Dec 10, 2017
Event category: Downhill Skiing
Difficulty grade: A3  [?]
For members only: No
Screening used: No
Max participants: 8

Organizer: Sarah Mihailovich
Profile info:
Trip Planning Questions

What time can you leave the city?

Where are you coming from?

Do you have a vehicle, or need a ride?

How many people with gear can you fit in your vehicle?

Anything in particular that you would like to work on in your skiing?

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Participant Information

I can't make Tuesday night, so I thought I'd see if there was interest in this Wednesday night.  For fitness and fun or fun and fitness...

In addition, for those who want to,  we could take the first half hour and work on an aspect of skiing with various drills to help people self-identify their own individual weaknesses and fine-tune skills.   For instance, we could start with balance .... - slide-slipping off/on the fall line plus pivot, skiing on the outside ski, javelin turns, dolphin turns, and one ski only skiing, whatever other drills people like.   (This is not a lesson, more like communal 'practice' as sometimes we all need other people to tell us that we aren't doing what we think we are doing :)   Plus looking silly with other people is always better. 

The skills bit is probably not for the beginner skier - you will likely get the most out of it if you are a parallel skier who can get down most runs in most conditions, but would like to do it better.  Of course for those who have already had a life-time of drills -  I'm not here to give you flashbacks - 50 speisse is your only requirement :) 

Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I'll keep the details the same as Tuesday's trip... We will meet at the base of Lions chair at 7pm.  Wrap up around 9 pm. 

I'll be leaving West End around 5:30 on Wednesday - and can take one (or two if they don't might be squashed).

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