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Trip Information
Name: Mt.Baker (Coleman Deming glacier route)
Starts: Fri Jun 22, 2018
Meetup: Chevron on Boundary & Dominion (near Grandview Hwy)
Return: Sat Jun 23, 2018

Registration opens: Wed Apr 25, 2018
Event category: Mountaineering
Difficulty grade: C2-C3  [?]
For members only: Yes
Screening used: Yes
Max participants: 6

Organizer: Dean Chamberland
Profile info:
Trip Planning Questions

Are you able to cross the border without delays? (With a Canadian or US Passport)

If we have not been on trips together previously, please confirm you have the appropriate training, experience and gear for this route

What rope, if any, do you have?

Preference for driving or passenger?

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Participant Information

Postponed from the week prior:

Proposed Agenda:

Friday - leave the city at 5 or 6 pm, arrive at heliotrope ridge 2-3 hours later (have dinner along way?),  then car camp.

Alpine start with day packs for a fast and light push all the way to the summit. Large elevation gain and so even if in great shape, expect to feel it as we get higher. Get back late Saturday night - have Sunday free

Participants must have mountaineering experience including glacier travel and crevasse rescue training, as well as familiarity with the relevant gear.  

Hardiness and excellent conditioning a must. Expect two days of alpine starts (the drive in, then the summit push)

Sample of gear needed:

  • crampons,
  • ice axe
  • rope  (potential for sharing)
  • harness
  • crevasse rescue gear
  • tent (and other car camping supplies)
  • helmet
  • headlamp/torch
  • and so forth...

Trip is weather dependent and will be postponed if conditions are deemed unsafe

Group size will be kept manage-ably small. Thank you for your understanding

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