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Trip Information
Name: 8 and 11 Mile Creeks
Starts: Wed Feb 21, 2018
Meetup: Chevron Gas Station on Boundary Road & Dominion Street at 6:00am
Return: Wed Feb 21, 2018

Registration opens: Mon Feb 19, 2018
Event category: Backcountry Skiing
Difficulty grade: C3  [?]
For members only: No
Screening used: Yes
Max participants: 8

Organizer: Paul Schrimpf
Profile info:
Trip Planning Questions

Can you drive? How many passengers can you take?

Would you rather try for Maclead West Ridge or the ridge between Manson and Hatfield?

If we haven't skied together before:

What Avalanche training have you taken? How recently have you practiced?

What are some recent ski tours that you've been on?

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Participant Information

Recent logging has created some new roads in the 8 and 11 Mile Creek drainages. We'll try to use these to ski toward Macleod Peak or Mt Manson. There are two routes I'm interested in trying. We'll decide based on conditions and participants' interest.

One option is Macleod's West ridge via 8 Mile Creek FSR (map in link). 9km with 1453m elevation gain to the western most subsummit of Macleod. A shorter variation bypasses part of the logging road and travels through the forest from 700-1100m elevation, map. It's only 5.2km, but may not be any quicker if snow coverage is low or the forest is thick. Except the uppermost 150m (which we may not be able to safely ascend), I expect most of the terrain on this route will be gentle slopes on logging roads or through glades and meadows.

The other option is follow a new road on the North side of 11 mile creek and then head up to the ridge between Manson and Hatfield (map in link).  It's about 10km (one way) with 1450m elevation gain.  This road is not on most maps, but it's visible in Bing's aerial imagery and listed on bivouac as the 11 Mile Crossover Road. I expect that this option will be somewhat similar to Silverdaisy -- a long and hopefully scenic skin up a logging road to access some nice terrain with both steeper and gentler options.


I suspect that the skiing might be more of 2 than a 3 in difficulty. Regardless, the distance and uncertainty makes this not a good trip for beginners.

All distances and elevation gains assume we have to park near the highway. The trip could be considerably shorter if we can drive up these roads, but when I passed the 8 Mile Creek FSR a week and a half ago, it looked unplowed. I'm content with parking at the highway, but if someone has a suitable vehicle and wants to try driving higher, that'd be great.

From the nearby highway webcams (3/5 junction and Hope Slide), it looks like we'll have good snow coverage all the way down to the highway.

I have a flexible schedule this week, and would consider moving this trip to Thursday if more people can attend that day.

Gear required: Avalanche gear (Transceiver, Probe, Shovel), AT, tele, or splitboard Equipment, Headlamp suitable for skiing.

Welcome additional gear: GPS, PLB, camera, first aid kit, radios.

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