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Trip Information
Name: BCMC Summer Camp 2018
Starts: Sat Aug 04, 2018
Meetup: TBD
Return: Sun Aug 12, 2018

Registration opens: Fri Mar 09, 2018
Event category: Mountaineering
Difficulty grade: A1 TO C5  [?]
For members only: No
Screening used: Yes
Max participants: 18

Organizer: Claire Tallon
Profile info:
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Participant Information


The BCMC ‘Summer Camp’ had been an annual highlight dating all the way back to 1910, when the first official BCMC Camp was assembled in Red Heather Meadows (in what would eventually become Garibaldi Provincial Park). The club's Summer Camps provided an opportunity for a larger group of BCMC members to set up a base camp from which they could fully explore and climb in a region while the weather was (hopefully) good.  Some camps were very popular among club members... the 1926 camp in Black Tusk Meadows was attended by 102 people over its two week span!  Since those nascent days of the B.C. Mountaineering Club, the camps have been held in virtually all the mountainous regions of British Columbia.
In 2016 the BCMC Summer was put up again and 25 ppl set it up at the Russian Army Camp in the Tantalus Range.

 Let's get back to the tradition and put up another one this summer.

 This will be the first week of August as a celebration of the BC Day - August 4th to Aug 12th.
 A team of volunteer are working on all the details, but be prepared to allow the entire day of Saturday August 4th to transport the group to the camp, and the entire day on Sunday, August 12th to transport from the camp. If you wish to arrive or depart on different days, then you must arrange your own transportation. Discounts will not be given. 

 There is still a lot to decide (location, logistics, number of person, etc...) and I'll update this post as soon as we have more information. 

If you want to be part of the organisation, share your ideas, add one more brain to the brainstorming session, share your past experiences, please, contact Claire. 
There is also a brainstorming session, on March 13th, that you can join too. If you don't know if you could join the camp in August, you can still help with the organisation before hand and share your ideas. Everyone is welcome!

we will be looking for volunteer course/workshop instructors. If you have a skill you can share, please get in touch with Claire. Maybe you can do a 1-day mountaineering skills workshop, maybe you want to teach slacklining, maybe you've got some neat rope and knot skills you want to share. Can be half-day to multi-day, or even things to do in the evening. 
If you like cooking and want to share some of your favorite recipe, please get in touch with Claire.
All volunteers are welcome, and you don't have to be a gnarly mountaineer or need any special skills to participate. 


Location... (Update Mar23)
We have picked a location - we will set up base camp in the Overseer Basin (see image below). From this location there is hiking, scrambling and even mountaineering and alpine rock climbing! You could even take a hike to the Meager Hot Springs and have a relaxing time there!

Objectives... (Update Mar23)
The team of volunteer have worked on listing the Potential Objectives. But participants are expected to do their own research on the area ahead of time and more particularly about the objectives they want to do. This camp will be self guided, meaning we won't have a professional guide, everyone is welcome to lead a trip and a group to the objectives.
Here are some Potential Objectives:
Easy : 5 
Moderate : 5
Difficult : 1+

Transportation... (Update Mar23)
We will heli-in and out gear and participants from TBD but most likely Pemberton, to allow us more time at the camp. The team of volunteer is currently working on getting quote from the Helicopter company.
A carpool will be organised to get to the heli base and back to Vancouver.

Group size... (Update Apr29)
We will be allowing 30 participants for the camp.

Cost...(Update Apr29)
The cost of the camp wil be $500
Paypal link wil be availabe from May 1st and close on May 26 or until 30 participants have paid 

The cost includes... (Update Mar23)
- Helicopter to and from the Overseer Basin, departure location TBD but likely Pemberton.
- Mass tents for cooking, eating, storage and socializing.
- Car camping-style 2-burner stoves and fuel (e.g. Coleman stoves with propane) for anyone to use while they are at the camp, as well as some basic food storage to keep the critters out.
- Basic greywater management system.
- Two basic toilets and the cost to fly out waste.

Participants are expected to bring their own .. (Update Mar23)
- Technical gear (e.g. crampons, axes, ropes, rock pro).
- Sleeping tent and camping gear (mass tents for socializing and cooking only, not for sleeping).
- Food for 9 days (To Be Discussed, but we may want to have 3-4 ppl to cook dinner for the group, on a rotation based).
- Your own cooking setup for multi-day adventures.
- Clothing, personal items, all the usual backcountry stuff.

We will have a weight restriction per person due to helicopter restrictions on weight, I will update the post when we will have more information about that, but expect to be able to bring around 25-30kg each.

You can sign up now to pre-book your spot, however a deposit will be ask to secure your spot around May when the details will be finalised. 


To confirm your spot, please follow these steps: (update Apr29)
(1) Click "Join this Trip". You will be added to the "Request List"
(2) After the organizer approves your request (basically when we will have more details for the camp and before May), your name will be placed in the "Waiting List"
(3) On May 1st, you will have access to the Paypal button on the left hand side of the page (reads: Pay Now). Click on the button and complete your payment as prompted
(4) Once your payment is received by the trip organizer, you will be moved to the Confirmed List 
**Note that once the paypal button has been added, it's a first-come-first-served basis. There may be more people on the Waiting List than can be accommodated at the camp, so be sure to complete your payment as soon as possible. I'll try to remove the Paypal button once we've reached 30 people, but if I don't get to it, please be advised that if there are already 30 people on the confirmed list, you will not be accepted, but will be provided a refund. Please save us the trouble of refunding and don't sign up - sorry!


 Cancellation policy ... (Update Apr29)
Click here for the 2018 BCMC Summer Camp Cancellation Policy


Trip Photos
Overseer Base Camp
_Overseer Base Camp
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