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Trip Information
Name: Aid/Big Wall Practice
Starts: Sat Jul 21, 2018
Meetup: 8:30am, Smoke Bluffs Parking
Return: Sat Jul 21, 2018

Registration opens: Thu Jul 05, 2018
Event category: Practice
Difficulty grade: B5  [?]
For members only: Yes
Screening used: No
Max participants: 8

Organizer: Marlaina Rhymer
Profile info:
Trip Planning Questions

What is your background (if any) in aid or big wall climbing?

Do you have your own gear?

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Participant Information

Looking to work on some aid and big wall skills with like-minded people. In particular I'm interested in leading C1 or C2 (or mock leading harder), jugging fixed lines and cleaning in various terrain types, messing around with hauling systems, and setting up belays. I just got some new cam hooks, peckers, hooks, and RURPs and am excited to see what they can do! I'm pretty new and slow, so just trying to get the basics down in a variety of terrain types.

Ideal candidates for this trip will be able to lead belay safely (top rope belayers are ok for mock leads), have solid knowledge of trad gear placements and trad leading, and have some familiarity with aid climbing techniques and other big wall skills. Competent or rusty climbers are of course welcome also. 

Trip will be held in Squamish. If it's not too busy, I was thinking we could practice at Pixie Corner (I'd like to try Digital Dexterity) or perhaps Split Beaver. Open to suggestions. Please use the Planning Forum to arrange carpooling from the city. I live in Squamish so will meet you up here!

Suggested gear list (per 2 participants)
- personal climbing gear (harness, sturdy shoes, helmet, belay device)
- anchor materials for top rope backups (if desired)
- climbing rope and/or haul line
- a set of etriers 
- a set of daisy chains
- 2 ascenders or other rope jugging setup
- trad rack and/or aid rack - bring whatever you have!
- a whole lot of extra non-locking carabiners
- quickdraws and alpine draws
- whatever hauling setup you'd like to practice (e.g., pulleys, lockers, microtraxion, tiblocs, ascenders, prussiks)
- whatever clothing, snacks, water, lawn chairs (lol) you need to be comfortable for the day
- if anyone has a durable bag, haul bag, or just an old bag that they don't mind getting thrashed that we can drag up some climbs, please bring it!

This trip will go ahead in good weather, or in light rain. I'll cancel the trip if the forecast is calling for heavy rain or otherwise stormy weather. There is also a possibility that I'll be called in to work, but I should know a few days before. 

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