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Trip Information
Name: Monday Night Ski Training
Starts: Mon Jan 21, 2019
Meetup: Seymour
Return: Mon Jan 21, 2019

Registration opens: Thu Jan 10, 2019
Event category: Instructional Program
Difficulty grade: A1-C1  [?]
For members only: Yes
Screening used: No
Max participants: 8

Organizer: Tam McTavish
Profile info:
Trip Planning Questions

What is your skiing ability? How Confident are you on Green, Blue, Black runs?

Favourite Resort?

What 3 items are required for backcountry travel?

If you're here for Backcountry Ski Skills, What has prompted your interest in Backcountry Skiing?

Do you promise not to bring tech bindings?

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Participant Information

Please read carefully all the details 

This course is for those with beginner-intermediate level skiing ability who are looking to get themselves to the point where they can safely ski in the backcountry. It is an evening instructional course based on Seymour resort to develop downhill skiing ability. Priority for placement will go to folks who were unable to attend due to weather cancellations. 

Myself (Tam) and Jack will be using our experience as former CSIA ski instructors to provide individual and group coaching. This course costs $20 to cover the expense of lift tickets for the two instructors.

The plan is to take everyone up, go for a run, and then divide into different groups to work on specific techniques. We will try to give everyone a couple drills to take home at the end so they can continue to develop their skiing that weekend.


While we are keen to help everyone have more fun skiing on the descent, we have a clear goal to works towards. We want to help participants get to the point they can ski a hard blue/easy black run, in choppy icy conditions down 200m (representing the bed surface of a Class 2 avalanche) within 3 minutes confidently. This is an essential skill if you are to be useful in an avalanche scenario. Survival skiing is slow, and takes precious seconds away from locating and digging in a burial situation and we will do everything we can empower participants to get to that place.

For those who demonstrate they can ski an “avalanche” runout we will be hosting a further day in the actually backcountry to further develop those skills for all participants that also have their AST 1.

Where and When

Seymour Mountain @ 6:30 pm, on Monday night by the ticket wicket. I generally wear lot’s of blue, have a red beard, and neon yellow helmet.

Instructions will follow if you are running late, but we will not be waiting for stragglers. You can always find us in a chairlift line as there is only two lifts. We will likely be Mystery Peak Chairlift

Experience Level

It is expected that all participants on this course are able to link parallel turns. Participants will have at least tried a blue run.

If you are still snowplowing, or have no experience skiing but are really clean please send me an email at tammctavish@gmail.com with the subject “BCMC Beginner Ski Course Please”. With sufficient interest we can potentially put on a separate course for this. Please include in any emails sent to me, regarding any topic the subject line “I Have Read The Whole Trip Report, but I couldn’t find info on…..”.


Resort skis bindings

* Seymour lift ticket or pass

* and helmet is required to participate in this course.

Tech bindings and backcountry skis are not appropriate for people with less than 50 days in backcountry. They are far more likely to lead to injury.

 They are not appropriate for the resort, and while they are what you will use in the backcountry, they slow the learning process, and we only have limited time. Lightweight skis tend to get kicked around on the hardpack and carve poorly.If you want to get into backcountry, then you should buy frame bindings, rent, or pickup a dirt cheap resort setup. By all means practice with them, but if you want to get the most out of the training resort style skis are recommended. If you turn up with tech bindings you may not be allowed to participate. 

Payment Info

This course costs $20 to participate in. This cost goes to covering the leaders lift tickets. None of the instructors are being compensated. Refunds will only be issued if you back out one week before the course start date.


Payment Steps

Click on "Join this Trip" on the left hand side of the page. You will be added to the Request List. You will be prompted to answer the Trip Planning Questions. Please answer fully. Once the course organizer(s) have reviewed your answers, you will be moved to the Waiting List. An email will be sent to you letting you know you're on the waitlist (be sure to check your spam just in case!)

Once on the Waiting List, a Paypal button should appear on the left side of the course page (contact Oudi at courses@bcmc.ca or tack_tak@hotmail.com if you have trouble paying). Click this button and follow the prompts to complete your payment. After payment has been received, you will be moved to the Confirmed List and another email notification will be sent out.

 If you have difficulty with the payment DO NOT CONTACT ME OR JACK. Instead contact Oudi at tack_tak@hotmail.com , or Chris Ludwig. 

Watch your email for more details from the organizer(s) about carpooling, meetup times, updates etc. - and have fun!

Emergency Contact

IMPORTANT: Please make sure your emergency contact information is up to date. To do this, click "My Account" in the top right corner of this screen, then select "Edit Emergency Contact" under "Manage My Account" on the left hand side.

Waiver and Medical

 Every participant must have read and agree to ("signed") the club's online Waiver. In addition, those with potential medical issues, that might affect their course participation, you need to contact the course organizer ASAP after registering for this course.

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