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Trip Information
Name: South Chilcoten Ramble
Starts: Fri Jun 28, 2019
Meetup: St. Davids Church at 4:00 pm Friday June 28
Return: Tue Jul 02, 2019

Registration opens: Wed Apr 10, 2019
Event category: Backpacking Trip
Difficulty grade: B2  [?]
For members only: No
Screening used: Yes
Max participants: 10

Organizer: Brian Sheffield
Profile info:
Trip Planning Questions

1) If you have not been on a trip with me, please give me a rough idea of what kind of back packing experience you have and what your fitness level is. What are some of the trips you have done in the past year.

2) Can you drive, if so, how many can you take in your car including yourself, and where will you be driving from.

3) Do you mind stopping for a meal in Pemberton on the way home?

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Participant Information

This is a moderately paced backpacking trip which starts at Warner Lake and ascends through open country to Deer Pass and follows un-tracked ridges up to Mt. Sheba before picking up the horse trails that lead to Spruce Lake.   Then we hike over Windy Pass through spectacular meadows on the high trail back to Tyax Lake with one night of food.  This night is spent in the high country before descending back to the valley.  This is one of the most spectacular walks in a truly spectacular area which features extensive alpine meadows and great view to the Coast Range and much dryer weather than out on the Coast.  We hope to catch the first wave of flowers after the snow leaves, but before the bugs hatch.  

The flight in is approximately $300 each for a group of four or a bit less if we go with five.  As I will need to put a  25% deposit down on the flight, I will need a deposit of $75 to secure a spot on the trip.  In the event that we have to cancel the trip prior to 30 days from departure the deposit is refundable less 10%.  We will need to pay the full price 30 days prior to the trip, which is not refundable after that date.  Please see:  https://tyaxadventures.com/booking-policy/  for tyax adventures booking policy.  

To make the most of the long weekend, we will leave Vancouver Friday June 28 in the afternoon (ideally by 4:00 pm), stop in Pemberton for a quick meal, and camp at Friburg Recreation Site on Tyax Lake so we are ready to fly out the next morning.  This will give us a day and a half to explore the area around Spruce Lake with a day trip up to Mt. Sheba.  We then hike out over the High Trail via Windy Pass to Pearson Creek Camp ground for the third night and descend to Tyax Lake the next morning.  (Note Tyax and Tyaughton Lake are the same).  For parks maps and info see:  http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explore/parkpgs/south_chilcotin_mts/.  The pace will be moderately fast, but the trails are easy to follow so there will be lots of time to enjoy the flowers and views.  The hike out over windy pass is about 12 km with an elevation gain of 1100 m so you should be reasonably fit to have an enjoyable trip and be used to overnight camping.   

If there is enough interest in the trip we can book two flights.  The float plane can take up to 1100 lbs which could be a group of five, or we could do a second flight if we have enough people. So sign up on the waiting list as well.

  For a description of this trip please see:  https://forums.clubtread.com/27-british-columbia/87402-solomon-sheba-south-chilcotin-mountains-sept-2-6-2017-a.html

In the event of poor weather the flight could go to Spruce Lake instead, or we could follow the trails from Warner Lake to Hummingbird and Trigger and then up to Spruce.  

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