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Trip Information
Name: Wilderness First Aid Scenarios Night
Starts: Wed Feb 19, 2020
Meetup: Canada West Mountain School, #240-400 Brooksbank Ave, North Vancouver
Return: Wed Feb 19, 2020

Registration opens: Thu Feb 13, 2020
Event category: Practice
Difficulty grade: A1  [?]
For members only: No
Screening used: Yes
Max participants: 12

Organizer: Dan Richardson
Profile info:
Trip Planning Questions

What level of Wilderness First Aid have you taken in the past? (expired is ok)

If you don't have formal training, what is your goal for attending? (ie deciding whether to take a FA course, just observe, etc)

What would you like to get out of the evening? (ie hands-on bandaging, incident management/decision making, discussing first aid kit contents, discuss first aid protocols)

Are there any other activities for the evening that you think would fit in well?

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Participant Information

I've sourced some first aid scenarios (plus whatever others bring), so we can break into groups of 3-4 to run through them. We can take turns as patient, helper, and first aider (acting skills strongly encouraged!).

No first aid kit required. I'll have some spare supplies people can use so they don't have to break into their own kits.But folks can also keep it simple and focus mostly on the decision making aspects while skipping bandaging/etc. We can leave time to discuss various first aid topics, show-and-tell our own first aid kits, or share some stories, though the focus would be on making sure there's time to for everyone to get at least one scenario in as the first aider, so 3-4 scenarios per group.

This is not an instructional course and there may not be anyone qualified to be giving out definitive answers to questions. This is basically the first aid equivalent of beacon practice. Let's see how rusty we are, maybe read up and refresh ahead of time (if you want), and just see where we're all at and find out how much we've forgotten (it may be an eye-opener!). If there is a lot of interest, I may give preference to folks who have at least taken the Wilderness First Aid 40-hr equivalent course. However, I think there's definitely space for a few folks who just want to observe, or who have very different medical training. Being a patient or helper doesn't require much prior knowledge and is a great way to learn.

Depending on the answers I receive, I may adjust the event description (so please check the description again between now and the event) and I'm hoping there will be some chatter in the planning forum so we can best set up the night to help everyone get what they're looking for. I've already started a few threads there, so have a look. Car pooling can also be discussed in the planning forums. The start and end time is somewhat flexible too, and arriving late is probably fine as well, just let me know in advance if that might be the case for you. Feel free to contact me thru the bcmc mailbox if you have any questions or suggestions.

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