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Trip Information
Name: Hurley-Athelney traverse (option 1)
Starts: Sat Jul 11, 2020
Meetup: Pemberton Airport, 9am
Return: Thu Jun 18, 2020

Registration opens: Wed Jun 17, 2020
Event category: Scrambling
Difficulty grade: B2  [?]
For members only: No
Screening used: Yes
Max participants: 6

Organizer: Christopher Barton
Profile info:
Trip Planning Questions

1) What is your mountaineering experience?  Are you more of a scrambler or technical climber? What

are some examples of trips that you have done that exemplify your fitness and technical abilities? 

2) Do you have a rope or any other climbing equipment, if so what kind of rope and gear?

3) What are your expectations for the trip?

4) Can you drive, if so, how many can you take? What type of vehicle? (4WD or 2WD)

5) Do you plan on climbing or tenting with anyone else in the group that you know?  If so who?

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Participant Information

Sampson and Delilah Summer Camp (option 1)

Food drop at Pebble Creek. Scramble peaks along the traverse from the Hurley pass to Athelney pass via

Pebble creek.

This trip is suited to those who like to scramble (up to class 3/4) and who don’t mind carrying a bigger

overnight pack and like to cover more ground. You will start in Railroad pass (Hurley pass) on the trail to

Semaphore lakes and work your way around the side of Face and Locomotive to Glacier pass. (could

scramble up Face and Locomotive) From Glacier Pass you could climb Sampson (class 3/4), Delilah (4 th )

or Sessel (3 rd ) or work your way around the Boomerang Glacier to a camp below Sessel. Unless the

weather is poor you will likely not go the North Creek cabin as it is down in the valley below. From the

meadows below Sessel it is an easy walk up and over the Pebble Glacier down to Pebble Creek (Ash

Pass). From Pebble Creek, if the weather is good you will go up to Ice Maker Mountain and then

descend the glacier down into the spectacular Athelney Pass valley. The last day is about a six hour

walk down the valley to the cars on bit of a trail. In the event that the weather is poor, the trip would

likely exit back through North Creek and the hut there. The crossing from Pebble to Athelney will be on

glaciers for the whole day. From the Hurley to Pebble you will be carrying your camping gear and food

for three nights, along with your glacier gear. There are numerous peaks that can be climbed along the

way and some great meadows for camping.

While this is not intended to be a course, we will review (and possibly practice) some of the basic

mountaineering skills as needed. We will be on steep meadows and moraines, scree, glaciers, bush, and

some trails, so this is not a place for light hikers or running shoes. You will need robust hiking boots that

can keep your feet dry after a day on snow and gaiters to keep the snow out. You should try out your

harnesses and crampons to make sure everything fits, and brush up on crevasse rescue, basic knots,

tying into a rope for glacier travel and doing an ice axe self-arrest. Proper crampons (not microspikes)

would be required for this trip.

The cost for this trip would be in the $100 range. This will cover the cost of the helicopter food and

equipment drop at Pebble Creek. Participants will provide their own food and equipment. The cost

could go up or down a bit depending on weather and the number of people in the machine. The full

amount must be paid once you have been accepted on the trip. In the event that you have to cancel

after having paid, a refund can only be provided if you can fill your spot with someone who is not

already registered for the trip. If for some reason we have to cancel the trip, full refunds will be

provided. Deposits are to be etransfered to Brian Sheffield using the email bsheffield50@gmail.com

Needless to say, it will be imperative that everyone be healthy and not have been in contact with

anyone who is known or suspected of carrying COVID – 19. Prior to coming on this trip, you will need to

sign various waivers with Blackcomb Helicopters and ensure that you wear a mask while in the machine.

All the groups will be meeting at the Pemberton airport at 9:00 am for a briefing by Blackcomb


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