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Trip Information
Name: Blackcomb classics
Starts: Sun Feb 07, 2021
Meetup: 07:45 - Blackcomb Lot 7
Return: Sun Feb 07, 2021

Registration opens: Wed Jan 20, 2021
Event category: Backcountry Skiing
Difficulty grade: B3  [?]
For members only: Yes
Screening used: Yes
Max participants: 5

Organizer: Jim Nosella
Profile info:
Trip Planning Questions

When did you last take an AST course (or equivalent)?

Are you familiar with this area?

What is your WB pass situation?

Did [will] you answer the BCMC COVID-19 Screening Questions within 24h of the event's start?

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Participant Information

Basic outline:
Use a WB Pass to ascend the Blackcomb lifts and depart out the back door towards the Spearhead range. Limited vert day with the likely goals being a lap towards Decker Lake and exiting via Bodybag. This trip is intended for members who have perhaps one or two seasons under their belt and they want to start stepping out to alpine terrain. I won't process the wait list until T+3 @ 6pm so I have an opportunity to have a detailed look at the weather first.

Mandatory equip:
Skis or split / boots / poles / skins / all that good stuff
Beacon / probe / shovel
Headlamp / 1st aid / tools & spare parts for your setup
Lunch / drink / appropriate clothing / spare layers and gloves
Sunnies / goggles
A pass of some sort to access WhistlerBlackcomb lifts
A reservation made at epicpass.com for February 7, 2021.
If you roll up intending to purchase a $65 Backcountry Access pass; you're still welcome but please understand that you may introduce delays.

Meetup and logistics:
07:45 meeting at exactly 10U 504030E 5550787N (please click the link). Once everyone is here, we will go for a 100m run down to the Blackcomb Gondola and wait for first lift; hopefully by appx 8:00. Carpooling is, for all intents and purposes, not permitted as per BCMC COVID-19 Guidelines.

COVID-19 screening link:
After answering the questions, the tool must return a "You do not need a COVID-19 test at this time" or a "You don't appear to have symptoms of COVID-19" result.

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