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Trip Information
Name: Advanced Crevasse Rescue - Squamish
Starts: Sun Feb 28, 2021
Meetup: Squamish Adventure Centre
Return: Sun Feb 28, 2021

Registration opens: Sun Jan 31, 2021
Event category: Guided Instruction
Difficulty grade: B4  [?]
For members only: Yes
Screening used: No
Max participants: 8

Organizer: MountainSkills AcademyAdventures
Profile info:
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Participant Information

***COVID19 Guidelines Compliance:  Participants MUST read and comply with BCMC Guidelines attached in the Trip Planning Forum, confirm both at time of sign up, and day of event  - they have completed the  BC Covid-19 Symptom Self Assessment Tool questionnaire at time of registration.***

Mandatory COVID 19 Symptom Self Assessment Tool : https://bc.thrive.health/covid19/en

Once complete, email screen shot to organizer. 

This course is taught by Mountain Skills Academy & Adventures by a professional ACMG certified guide. MSAA is offering a special price for BCMC members of $169.00 + GST. 

Develop your "Advanced Crevasse Rescue Skills" with the Sea to Sky's leading mountain school. Obtain the complete required skill set & implementation through expert certified guides and our carefully crafted curriculum. Est. 1991 - Trip Advisor; Hall of Fame status,  beloved and trusted by BCMC members!

Course Details:

Winter Crevasse Rescue Advanced Clinic provides the critical skills and the practical advice to prepare  backcountry skiers and riders to safely travel through glaciated terrain in 2-person teams, to deal with more complex crevasse incidents and deal with inclement weather (whiteout).

Self-reliance of small teams is key when travelling in glaciated terrain because any problem encountered has the potential to be severely magnified. Compared even to a smaller 3 person team, a single surface rescuer has less weight to act as a surface fall arresting force, they must hold the victim weight while building an anchor.


Crevasse Rescue & Glacier Travel Course



This course will take place in Squamish so you do NOT need ski gear.

Meet at 8:15am at the Squamish Adventure Centre. The guide will have everyone sign a waiver (if you have not done so already) and give a brief safety briefing along with discussing the day's objectives.


The day will end at approximately 4:30pm with a short debrief of the day


Gear List:

• Harness

• Helmet

• Warm clothing (wool/synthetic recommended)

• Warm socks (wool/synthetic recommended)

• Insulating jacket (down or similar)

• Shell jacket (Gore-tex or similar)

• Shell trousers (Gore-tex or similar)

• Warm gloves and shell gloves

• Warm Hat

• Backpack

• Lunch/Snacks

• Water (approx. 1-2L)

• Hot tea, coffee or hot chocolate in a thermos (optional)

A Crevasse rescue kit required* (see complete list below) – Kit can be rented from MSAA however we highly recommended using your own gear.

Crevasse Rescue Kit:

• Progress capture (*Micro Traxion or Autoblock: e.g. Reverso/ATC Guide)

*Progress capture devices with integrated pulley will provide significant advantages

• Locking Carabiners x 4

• 2 light pulleys or a pulley and pulley carabiner

• 1 x 120cm sling (double length) & 1 x 140cm sling (triple length)

• 2 x 5-7mm X 5 meter prussiks (diameter depends on your main rescue rope diameter)

• 1 x 5-7mm personal prussic 1.5 meters long and/or T-block

• 5 locking carabiners


• 4 carabiners



• Specialized skills, best practices and advice is provided to deal with the following situations:

• Team of Two: Victim Self Rescues Team member in the crevasse ascends the rope out, stowing equipment, first aid, passing knots while ascending

• Team of Two Lone Surface Rescuer: Self Arrest, holding the weight & building the anchor

• 3 + Rope Team Middle Person Crevasse Fall

• Injured Victim, Dealing with an injured victim and their equipment

• Practical Bergschrund Snow Bridge Crossing

• *Whiteout Conditions Glacier Travel

• Bracketing up-track for downhill skiing

• Warning bearing for crevasses/serac

• Prussic use “fly-fishing” technique for low visibility high risk mountain terrain (e.g. ridges, cliffs, etc. )

*Note that weather & navigation are imperative glacier travel skills required but beyond the scope of this course. See Mountain Navigation Course



On-line Registration process:

(1) Click “Join this trip” on the left hand side of the page. You will be added to the Waiting List

(2) Once on the Waiting List you will have access to the Course Online Payment on the left side of the page where you will find the promo code. Complete your payment directly with MSAA HERE using the promo code. Be sure to select the right date in the drop down menu. You will receive a confirmation email from MSAA once your payment is completed.

(3) Forward your confirmation email to courses@bcmc.ca. You will then be added to the Confirmed List.

(4) Keep an eye on your email for further logistic details.


Please use the BCMC covid guidline for transporation. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact MSAA at +1 (604) 938-9242 or Oudi at courses@bcmc.ca.

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