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Trip is private
Trip Information
Name: Avalanche Rescue Skills (ARS)
Starts: Wed Dec 14, 2022
Return: Wed Dec 14, 2022

Registration opens: Mon Nov 28, 2022
Event category: Practice
Difficulty grade: A1  [?]
For members only: No
Screening used: No
Max participants: 1

Organizer: Jim Nosella
Profile info:
Trip Planning Questions

When was the last time you took an AST course (or equivalent)?

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Participant Information

Get together to review search procedures as well as to facilitate discussion on avalanche rescue. I will have targets buried which we can dig up. I am aware of Seymour's "Beacon Basin" at the north end of their parking lots. We likely 
will not use this facility since we cannot dig up these targets.

Meetup and logistics
Meeting just outside of Enquist Lodge @ Mt Seymour (10U 503583.42E 5467699.82N). Please click the link and look at the satellite image. People are often confused exactly where to meet. We will be using the shoulder to the south of the cutblock where the long removed Ridgeline Chair used to be. If you arrive late, please walk 50m south and meet us at the cutblock we're using. Link to Gaia map showing the rough outline of the "slide path" we will be using.

Start at 5:30 PM. Wrap up at 8 ish. Feel free to arrive late if you can't leave work early enough. I am open to staying as late as people would like to search for targets or talk about snow science.

You may opt to travel on whatever gear you feel is most appropriate for the conditions: skis, snowshoes, or boots.

I am not a guide. I am a member of the Canadian Avalanche Association. This is not a course and is not a suitable replacement for AST1 or similar.

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