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1107 days ago 0 comments From: chrisl Category: Club Maintained Trails  Tags: beverly creek whistler olympic park 
This trail is only for winter use when there is snow on the ground. It is not suitable for hiking when snow free. The marked trail runs straight across swamps, lakes, talus slopes and thick patches of devils club. Only tree limbs and large obstacles that pose problems in winter have been cleared. This route is suitable for use by skiers or snowshoers.  Goes up Beverley Creek from the Whistler Olympic Park Biathlon Range. The trail ends at the fork at the head of Beverley Creek.   Member Contact:  Scott Nelson
1108 days ago 0 comments From: chrisl Category: Club Maintained Trails  Tags: pokosha trail pokosha creek jimmy jimmy clowhom 
From Ashlu Main, stay left at +6.5km. [Ashlu main forks down to cross the river, but stay left] You are now on A600. Continue on A600. In about 2 km you come to a final fork that goes down to the power dam. Stay left. The road now gets steep and rough. At km +3.8, part way up a hill, you come to the turnoff for the Pokosha spur. You can park here at 410m, or drive a high clearance vehicle to a landing on the Pokosha spur at 460m.Unless you have a high clearance 4WD, you'll park on A600, at the start of the Pokosha spur. There is lots of water on this trail from crossing streams, so you don't need to tank up till approaching the pass. Walk up the only drivable part of the Pokosha Spur, and you'll soon be at the 4WD parking spot at 460m. From here the road is very rough, although there are often ATV tracks having gone a bit further. The start of the trail actually goes on the old roadbed of A610, the Pokosha spur. But as you hike up, the road soon turns into a walking only trail, where extensive alder clearing has been done. At 710m you will come to a faint fork in the old roadbed which is the point in winter that people can go down and cross the creek. But the main summer trail stays on the right fork. Eventually at 850m, you come to the end of the old roadbed. Beyond is a waterfall and steep rockface. Here a constructed trail turns right and goes up beside the waterfall creek, then crosses above the bluff. It is well marked, and a beaten path. Next you'll cross several big slide paths where a swath thru the slide alder has been valiantly cut by the trail building team of the BCMC. At 960m, the trail comes down by Pokosha creek, where there is a small campsite and fire ring. Then the trail continues up and finally crosses the braids of the source of Pokosha creek. Here it turns south and swings around the bowl to go diagonally up the steep alder covered headwall to go thru the "back door" hidden pass into the Clowholm drainage. Here the ribbons and markings stop, but you can continue all the way south to Sigurd meadows and eventually the Sigurd trail. To do this, stay at 1200m most of the way, then climb to the 1270m pass at 49.8878,-123.4229, just above the largest lake in the Sigurd drainage. Then go thru meadows and find the upper Sigurd trail. Member Contact:  Paul Kubik
1108 days ago 0 comments From: chrisl Category: Club Maintained Trails  Tags: rose trail sigurd peak 
Named for Rose Tatlow. The name Station Rose was first ascribed to Sigurd Peak on a 1964 map of the Tantalus Range by Neal Carter.  From Sigurd Trail near 650 meters at a marked and signed junction. The trail may be difficult to follow under snow.  Originally marked and cleared by BCMC member Sev Heiberg, the trail is now maintained periodically by BC Mountaineering Club and North Shore Hikers volunteers. The trail follows terrain features without benefit of switchbacks. Rose Trail provides access to the east ridge of Sigurd Peak (Station Rose). It climbs steeply through a mix of closed and open timber to near the ridgeline then traverses on the south side of the ridge to a col. From there the marked route pretty much ends. Continue on the east ridge to the summit.Member Contact:  Paul Kubik
1111 days ago 0 comments From: chrisl Category: Club Maintained Trails  Tags: sigurd creek sigurd trail 
From Squamish, drive up the Squamish main, then turn onto Ashlu main and cross the Squamish river bridge and the twin bridges across Ashlu Creek. Immediately after crossing the 2nd bridge is the trailhead. The start of it is on the old A200 spur road which is undriveable, that leads to the trailhead. Hike up the A200 road, then find the trailhead on the south side of the second switchback, at about 160m elevation. There are ample signs.From the parking area on Ashlu Main, walk up the old roadbed A200 on the left hand side. This can be considered the first section of the trail, although people sometimes still try to drive it. At the second switchback, leave the old road and head south on a much older roadbed, overgrown by trees. This roadbed is level and goes south. All too soon, you leave this old roadbed and start climbing. The trail zig zags up the steep slopes and past some huge Douglas Fir trees. Eventually you come to a fork in the trail where the Crooked Falls trail goes south. From here a short distance later is a turnoff which runs out to the Stoltmann Lookout, over the Squamish River. And just beyond that is the major fork with lots of signs, where the Rose Trail to Sigurd Peak branches off. After the Rose Trail junction, the trail levels off and goes through swampy terrain to get closer to the roaring Sigurd Creek. From the trail at about 640m, you can see the confluence of two tributaries, both of them roaring waterfalls in summer. Continuing on, you come to a big hill which ends at 880m when it goes through a very short slide alder patch before resuming through open timber. From here, you start crossing avalanche paths--a total of four--before the trail descends to a footbridge that crosses to the south side of Sigurd Creek. After crossing the creek, the trail ascends up moderately steep forest before ending at the moraine below Ossa Peak. Member Contact:  Paul Kubik
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