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  •  Muddyman wrote 1940 Days Ago (negative) 
    I tried to download the Watersprite .gpx file but it doesn't go as a .gpx. it becomes a file that can't be loaded into basecamp. strange.
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New Watersprite Lake Trail

The BCMC Watersprite Lake Cabin is locked and not available to the General Public.  For further information and/or reservations, please contact the BCMC at info@bcmc.ca
Trailhead is 20 KM east of Squamish at the Skookum Power Project Water Intake Dam.   This is accessed by the Mamquam Main FSR (begins next to the Chief Climbers Parking Lot on Highway 99 just prior to entering Downtown Squamish).  See separate entry for driving instructions from Squamish.

*The trail is still under construction so do not expect a fully groomed trail just yet *Time: 4 to 4.5 hours one way in the trail's current condition *Cars will not make it to the parking lot (All wheel drive or 4 wheel drive highly recommended) *Donations to the BCMC for trail maintenance is always appreciated and needed *Outhouses are soon to be constructed, and the cabin will be paid accommodation which can be reserved on the BCMC website. *Camp only in designated camping areas. *Keep in mind at all times that this area is a rugged wilderness, with unforgiving weather that changes quickly. tshirt and sneakers as an example are not recommended, proper outerware is for your comfort and safety, we want you to enjoy the outdoors. *There is a large bear population and other wildlife in the valley which is often encountered on the trail, so dogs are not recommended for the trail or Watersprite Lake. A new bear attack study indicates that 93% of all bear attacks are male bears and 53% of those involve dogs. *Human waste continues to be a major problem in the Skookum Valley and Watersprite Lake, so please do not leave your toilet paper and deeds near the lake or the trail. This will contaminate the lake and the creeks in the area and make other hikers in the future sick (contaminated drinking water from a creek on the trail already infected one hiker with bacteria) *Open campfires at Watersprite Lake are forbidden and highly detrimental to the fragile environment. **Abuse this fragile and special area and everyone loses**

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